About Fitness Equipment Reviews

My name is Enda McLarnon, and I am the owner of this website and here are a few things about me and why I started up this website:

I just do not like any type of gymnasiums and I have been in many of them over the years. I do however enjoy keeping fit but prefer to do that in the comfort of my own home. I can not always exercise at specific times and I need to have the convenience of being able to do that, as and when I have the time to do so.Now not only do I not like paying gym fees, I also struggle with many of the people who go there.

I find many of them and especially those personal trainers a really annoying distraction and they just plain irritate me. Put them alongside the guys who think they have to show off their muscles at every opportunity, and I get really wound up.That is not even too mention the amount of Lycra that appears to be on show at every available opportunity.

For years I played football, cricket, squash and just about any sport that I took a liking too. I then went on to train various football teams and took my coaching badges. I guess I have always enjoyed staying fit. At school I enjoyed sports though I understand that many did not.For a while I stopped exercising and preferred the easier life of holidays and over indulgence. Only when the weight started to pile on did I eventually decide to get back to some decent level of fitness. It started with improving my diet and then some simple walking.

After that I visited a couple of the more modern gyms and left them just as quickly.That is when I knew I would like to have some home fitness equipment.

What is Fitness Equipment Reviews All About?

The foundation of any good training or fitness program at home is to have the motivation and dedication to get started. Once you do that then certain equipment can really help you along the way.The big problem is that there are a lot of choices, in fact so many, that it can get a bit overwhelming trying to figure it all out. That is basically why I made this website.

I worked myself in Marketing & Sales for years so I know a lot about how big Corporate companies brand and sell their products.Many of them are good of course but just as many are over hyped by clever marketing. I wanted my website to be different. I wanted to be able to tell people which exercise equipment to buy and why. I also wanted to do that from my experience and the experience of actual buyers who have bought and used the products.

So on this website I will be including many tips for getting fit and also tips for losing weight if that is what you have decided to do. I will however in the main be covering detailed information and reviews on the most popular choices of fitness equipment that exists for the UK market.Some of the American websites are very good and I have read many of them - they just don't provide the right information for the type of exercise equipment that actually exists in the UK market.

Mainly I will be reviewing

I will cover off other equipment such as weights, home gyms etc but in the main I will focus on the main exercising equipment and gear. These products are not cheap, but hopefully the information that I provide here, will make your buying decision a great deal easier. It will, if nothing else, make it a lot more simple to understand.

If you have any questions or enquiries, then the best way to get in touch, is to visit my contact page. There you can fill out a short form. I will reply as soon as I can.‚Äč