Benefits of Using a Treadmill 

Updated April 2022

Health, Financial and Well Being Benefits of Using a Treadmill

In this article we would like to discuss the real life benefits of using a treadmill. Most people will come across these for the first time, when they go to a gym. Again most people will also know that these are essentially a running deck, that allows you to walk, jog or run, while at the same time staying indoors.

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Many people will eventually end up buying a treadmill that they can use in the privacy and comfort of their own home. They are considered old-fashioned by many in much the same way as exercise bikes are considered to be out dated. The reality is though, that both the humble treadmill and indeed the exercise bike have been around for years.

There are good reasons for that. They work really well for people wanting to get fit, or wanting to stay fit. All of us agree that staying fit and healthy is a very good idea. It allows us to prolong and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The two keys to doing that is to eat sensibly and also to exercise.

Why Use a Treadmill?

benefits of using a treadmill

In the simplest of terms, treadmills are essentially about getting the legs moving. That can be any type of movement from walking to full out running speed. As a result of that movement, then the heart gets worked, the lungs get more air into them, and overall your cardio gets much better.

In addition to that, you build up strength in your legs and bones. With enough effort, treadmills will also help you burn off calories, and as such, help people lose weight. Walking or running indoors is something that many people prefer.

Rather than be out in the poor UK weather, this can all be done inside, be that in your home or in the gym. There are a lot of people who simply like their privacy, and they are a lot more content, when doing their workout in the comfort and privacy of their home.

Health Benefits of Using a Treadmill

It is generally agreed that walking, jogging or running is good for you, and it is certainly the most popular method of getting and maintaining fitness levels. By owning a treadmill, you can do this indoors, and that is especially useful in bad weather conditions. In this section however, we want to be a little more detailed about the actual health benefits, of using the home treadmill.

health benefits of a treadmill

Improved Cardiovascular - A fancy term but in essence it simple means the following. Cardiovascular disease is linked to the heart and blood vessels. Plaque or fat can build up on the inside of arteries, and that makes it harder for blood to flow through them. (narrowing of the arteries) That in turn can lead to clod clots, reduced blood flow and increases the risk of a stroke or heart attack. By walking, jogging or running on your treadmill, you can vastly reduce the chance of this happening.

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Improved Leg & Bone Strength - To enjoy good health, it is always ideal to keep the legs in good shape. If they are strong it will allow us to be able to do daily activities a great deal easier. This is especially important as we start to age. It is great to go on holidays, and even nicer to be able to walk comfortably along the beach, or the walk ways and roads.

Improved Breathing - By walking, jogging or running we can really help improve our lung capacity, and improve our breathing. There are times when we may have to walk upstairs, climb ladders, go up hills etc. Isn't it fantastic to be able to do that, without being out of breath? When we are younger we do not give this a great deal of thought. As we age though it starts to become a problem. A treadmill will really help keep your lungs in great shape.

Understanding Old Age - Financial Benefits of Using a Treadmill

Most people when young quite rightly do not give a great deal of thought to growing older. Many are young and fit and getting on with life. Pensions, health problems and old age are far from their minds. However, one thing is certain, that all other things being equal, it will one day come knocking on their door.

The reality then is that it is a time where we have worked all our lives, and retirement looms. That truly is a fantastic time to take those BIG holidays and enjoy their grandchildren. We can tell you one thing, if you have your health, then you will enjoy those moments a great deal more.

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Playing football with the grandson, aged 60, isn't quite the same as a Dad of around 30-40. It can however be a great deal more fun, if you have kept fit during your lifetime. For most people, retirement age is when they will have been able to save some money, and hopefully have got a good pension.

Having the health and well being to be able to enjoy that fully, is something we would highly recommend giving a lot of though to.

Overall Benefits of Using a Treadmill

We have outlined above the main health benefits of using a treadmill. Clearly this is what these are all about. When you add those to the sheer convenience of being able to train in all weathers, you can see why they remain so popular.

They are also generally affordable as well, depending on exactly what you want. Yes they can get expensive, but a good basic one, you can pick up for around £100. When you consider how long they last, and the benefits you get, we think the good old treadmill represents great value for money.

We have written an article on the best treadmills for walking which you can read by clicking here. For those who want to read more about using a treadmill for losing weight, then please click here. Overall though, we hope that you have found this article, on the benefits of treadmills helpful.

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