Best Compact Treadmills UK Reviews

In this article we look at what we think are the best compact treadmills, currently available in the UK. If you are thinking about buying a treadmill, then space to actually use it, should of course be a major consideration. That is probably why you are looking at this specific article on this type of compact treadmill.

The good news is, that there are a few really good options, at a range of price points. Hopefully that means, you will be able to find one that suits your individual needs.

Underneath the table, we have done a more detailed review on each one.

Top 5 Best Rated Compact Treadmills

What is a compact treadmill?

Compact treadmills are popular pieces of home fitness equipment. These treadmills are like those found in your local gym. However, they are specifically designed for homes where space is at a premium. As such they tend to have a slim frame and can be easily folded and stored away post workout. Compact treadmills tend to be less expensive than premium gym standard treadmills.

Quality compact treadmills will normally feature:

  • Transport Wheels
  • Computer Interface
  • Foldable Frame
  • Incline Adjustability

1. XM-PROIII TREADMILL: Best Overall Compact Treadmill

The XM-PROIII Treadmill is our top compact selection. This treadmill offers a little bit of everything, with many excellent features for a reasonable price. Starting with workout features the XM-PROIII comes with 12 preprogramed workout modes.

This makes it incredibly easy to mix up your workout routine on a daily. If you would like to challenge yourself further, the XM-PROIII offers 3 levels of manual incline. This accurately simulates walking/running on a steep terrain, maximising muscle toning and calorie burn.

This treadmill has been designed to be as compact as possible. As such only weighs 30 Kg and can be transported easily using built in transport wheels. When you are finished using the product, it can be folded in two and stored away under a bed or in a wardrobe. Perfect, small apartments where space is at a premium.

Finally, the XM-PROIII Treadmill comes packed with some useful entertainment features. Namely its dual speakers that allow users to listen to music via their phone or MP3 device. Allowing you to listen to your favourite workout playlist without having to worry about annoying earphones.

Key Specifications:

Running Track Size: 1100x400mm

Motor: 1100W

Top Speed: 12 KPH

2. Salus Sports X-lite Nex-Gen Treadmill: Best Selling Compact Treadmill

The Salus Sports X-lite Nex-Gen Treadmill is one of Amazon UK’s most popular treadmill buying choices. This compact treadmill model comes with a whopping total of 99 pre-programmed workout variations. Which can be controlled using its 7-inch touch screen display.

This also includes 3 custom designed programs that allow you to tailor your own workout experience. Making it easy for users of all abilities to progress at their own pace.

If you get bored easily when doing exercise, you’re in luck. The Salus Sports X-lite comes packed with entertainment features to help keep you motivated. Including a Hi-Fi auto system and table holder.

Simply plug in your phone or table device to listen to music or watch your favourite Netflix series. Helping you keep moving when the going gets tough.

To maximise convenience and storability, Salus Sports have designed the Xlite to be as compact as possible. The treadmill comes 99.9% pre-assembled on delivery and weights just 34 Kg. For easy transport simply tilt the product forward to utilise its built in transport wheels.

Finally, as a bonus the Salus Sports X-lite Nex-Gen Treadmill features an “auto lubrication system”. This allows the treadmill to self-regulate the lubrication of its running belt components. Ultimately ensuring the smooth, quiet operation of the product.

Key Specifications:

Running Track Size: 1100x400mm

Motor: 1300W

Top Speed: 14 KPH

3. JTX Slim-Line Flat Folding Treadmill: Best Premium Compact Treadmill

JTX Fitness have an incredible reputation for making some of the best premium fitness equipment on the market. Therefore, it should come as no surprise JTX Slim-Line Flat Folding Treadmill has made out top 5 list of the best compact treadmills on the market.

Full of features, it is ideal for users who would like to lose weight, get fit or train for their first race.

The JTX Slim-Line Flat Folding Treadmill features a large digital display that allows you to select from 7 pre-set programs. One of which you can customise yourself, allowing you to create bespoke routines to fit your individual needs.

Additionally, if you really want to challenge yourself the JTX Slim-Line has 15 power incline levels.

The JTX Slim-Line Flat Folding Treadmill comes fully assembled on delivery, so you can be up and running in no time. Simply take it out of the box, unfold it and start it up. It’s multidirectional transport wheels make it simple to manoeuvred into position.

For easy storage, the JTX Slim-Line features a superior folding mechanism, allowing it to be folded completely flat. Making it incredibly easy to store in your wardrobe or under a bed.

Key Specifications:

Running Track Size: 1250x410mm

Motor: 1.5 HP

Top Speed: 14 KPH

4. JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill: Best Incline Compact Treadmill

If you are trying to improve your fitness using an exercise bike, treadmill or rowing machine, the chances are you will come across a JLL product. The S300 is JLL’s entry level compact folding treadmill and is perfect for first time treadmill users.

The JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill features a large backlit display console that illustrates all of the users key performance metrics. These include, calories burned, speed and distance covered.

Perfect for maintaining workout intensity and assessing post workout performance. This display console also allows users to select from 15 pre-programmed workout routines and 20 levels of adjustable incline. For more bespoke workout routines 3 programs can be customised to your specific needs.

To maximise user comfort and minimise impact on knee and hip joints, the JLL S300 features 16-point shock absorption systems. This minimises noise and is provides a much safer running surface than outdoor running.

Finally, to keep you motivated throughout your workout the JLL S300 comes fitted with 2 high quality speakers. Simply connect your phone or Mp3 device via Auxillary cord or USB connection to listen to your favourite workout playlist.

Key Specifications:

Running Track Size: 1230x410mm

Motor: 4.5 HP

Top Speed: 16 KPH

5. Confidence Power Trac Pro: Best Budget Compact Treadmill

Few budget compact treadmills come close to the quality of the Confidence Power Trac. At a very reasonable price this simple compact treadmill comes with a host of user friendly features.

Despite its simplistic design the Confidence Power Trac features an aesthetically pleasing LED display console that shows speed, distance, time and calories burned. This console allows users to select from 12 pre-set fitness programs, allowing users to mix up their routine daily. If you wish to challenge yourself further, the Confidence Power Trac allows for 3 manual incline levels.

The Confidence Power Trac is incredibly light, only weighing 24Kg. For easy storage, the product can be easily folded in two and stores away in a more convenient location.

Key Specifications:

Running Track Size: 1000x360mm

Motor: 1.0 HP

Top Speed: 10 KPH

Compact Treadmill Buying Guide- What to look for

Size & Running Surface

Ideally you want a good quality piece of equipment, that can also quickly and easily fold away, when not in use. You may also be limited in space to actually make use of it.

The one thing that you should avoid, is getting one with a narrow running track. They are very easy to fall off. They need to be the right width, and also the right length. The size of the running surface is very important.

In most cases a compact treadmill is one that can fold up easily, and be put away for quick and easy storage. Treadmills are also really heavy. To take that into account, you will also want one that you can easily move about on your own.

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