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Updated June 2022

Thanks for taking the time to read our reviews of the best exercise bikes for weight loss, that are currently available on the UK marketplace. There are a few different types of exercise bike available on the market. All and any of those will help you lose weight if used properly.

By default all exercise bikes will work the leg muscles, including the calves and thighs. They also work the buttocks and help firm up your bottom. They essentially turn fat into stronger muscles which helps shape and tone the muscles mentioned above.

Exercise bikes also work the tummy muscles, especially the lower abdomen (often referred to as abs). The cycling motion just by itself works the muscles in the tummy and the lower back. In other words the lower half of your body gets a good muscle strengthening workout, and helps firm everything up.

Cycling is a cardiovascular exercise which raises the heart rate and burns energy. As you may know, losing weight means burning off fat. That means that you do need to work up a sweat.

You can quickly and easily achieve that on an exercise bike. That can be achieved in one of two ways; by going fast or by increasing the resistance that you pedal against. You basically can easily combine both of these activities to make your body work harder.

The good news is that with many exercise bikes at home, you can actually measure your weight loss success. Most bikes will have a display showing distance traveled, heart rate, calories burned etc.

We have explained the different types of bikes that are available for home use. The reason we do that first is so as you can determine which type of exercise bike will suit you best. However, if you are in a hurry, then we have made our number one recommendation just below.


We would like to point out that this is a long and detailed article, designed to bring our readers as much information as possible about exercise bikes suitable for loosing weight.

We also understand that life is busy, so if you don't have time to read this full article, then we have made our main recommendation for an exercise bike just below.

The best exercise bike for weight loss, available on the UK market, according to online buyers is the Ultrasport F-Bike Advanced Bicycle. That is because it has all the right features, does what it is supposed to do, and also offers good value for money.

Types of Exercise Bike Suitable for Weight Loss

There are three main types of exercise bike for you to consider, and these are:

  1. The upright or stationary bike
  2. The recumbent bike
  3. The spinning bike

The Upright Bike

The upright exercise bike is the most popular. It is a great choice as long as you are not suffering from any health problems such as a sore back. This is the most common type of bike and is almost always going to be the most affordable.

The Recumbent Bike

The recumbent exercise bike is a great choice for anyone with back problems or most health issues. These support the back very well, and the legs do most of the work. In effect your are laying back on the bike, and letting the leg muscles do the bulk of the work.

The Spinning Bike

This spin style bike is the most effective if you want to lose weight and have no health issues. This is the type that you will find in many weight loss classes. These are designed for short fast and intense workouts.

Top 10 Best Exercise Bikes for Weight Loss

Ultrasport F-Bike Home Trainer Review

90% buyer satisfaction based on 16,000+ online buyer reviews

  • This is one of the best selling home exercise bikes on the UK market by quite a distance
  • It is a collapsible home trainer fitness bike which is easy to set up and then put away
  • It has 8 resistance levels and that allows you to move up through the ranges, and really start to burn off some fat
  • This works really well as a cardiovascular system and also strengthens the muscles
  • There is an LCD display with these functions, time on bike, calories burned which is great for weight loss tracking, your speed, the distance covered and also your pulse reading
  • It can be bought with or without a backrest
  • Has a maximum user weight of up to approximate 100 kg

TechFit B400 Magnetic Fitness Exercise Bike Weight loss Review

86% buyer satisfaction based on 400+ online buyer reviews

  • This is the classic spin bike that is used in many gyms and in many weight loss classes
  • It comes with a tablet holder
  • It also comes with an intense 5 day work out program
  • Has an abdominal and core exercise Workout DVD
  • It is fully adjustable and has a padded seat for comfort at home
  • It also has a water bottle and holder
  • The LCD Performance Monitor tracks your heart rate, your speed, distance covered and calories burned.
  • Uses a 13 kg Fly Wheel with a fixed 2 way belt drive to vary the resistance
  • Has a powder coated steel frame which is made to last
  • Also has adjustable non-slip pedals with toe clips and straps
  • The maximum user weight is 100 Kg

XS Sports Magnetic Recumbent Seated Exercise Bike Cardio Weight Loss Machine Review

88% buyer satisfaction based on 200+ online buyer reviews

  • This is another recumbent exercise made of steel with chip resistant paint
  • This is n ideal indoor bike trainer for all levels
  • Uses a bi directional 4 Kg magnetic flywheel with 8 variable resistance levels
  • It also has pedal straps
  • The LCD displays speed, distance, pulse, calories and duration
  • This bike has a deep padded seat that's fully adjustable

Pro XS Sports 2-in1 Elliptical Cross Trainer Exercise Bike-Fitness Cardio Weightloss Workout Machine

84% buyer satisfaction based on 1,500+ online buyer reviews

  • This is an excellent bike/cross trainer for faster weight loss
  • It can be used as either a cross trainer or as an exercise bike
  • The flywheel is front mounted which makes the bike very stable
  • You can adjust the resistance
  • The LCD displays Pulse, Time, Speed, Distance, Calories burned and also scan
  • Good for working out the legs, hips, buttocks, arms and shoulders
  • It has extra wide platform pedals
  • Also has wheels making it easy to move
  • Maximum user weight 110 Kg
  • It has moving stride bars for upper body workouts

Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike X-Bike Fitness Cardio Workout Weight Loss Machine Review

84% buyer satisfaction based on 600+ online buyer reviews

  • According to the manufacturer this machine burns 4 times more calories than walking
  • It has an adjustable padded seat.
  • It also has non slip foot pedals with safety strap
  • There is an adjustable quiet magnetic resistance flywheel
  • This bike is god for lower body, low-impact, cardiovascular workout! (legs, hips, buttocks)

Just below we have produced an extensive buying guide. This is particularly helpful if you are considering buying an exercise bikes to use at home, to help you lose weight effectively..

Exercise Bike for Weight Loss Guide

exercise bike for weight loss uk reviews

There are a number of reasons why an exercise bike at home is a good idea for weight loss:

  • The best exercise bikes are a lot less bulky than other equipment such as a treadmill or a cross-trainer
  • It also means you can avoid the hassle of going to the gym, and also save the time it takes to get there, and also avoid the gym fees
  • You can decide where to use your bike, such as pedaling away in front of your television, or in the privacy of your own bedroom or in a garage
  • Exercise bikes are low impact - there is no impact of your feet hitting the ground so it's a great way to train and keep joints healthy in the process
  • Indoor bikes are safer than trying to cycle on British roads (and British weather)
  • Exercise bikes are also a good option if you have younger children as you can still exercise and keep an eye and ear on the kids

Important Exercise Bike Features

There are a lot of features on an exercise bike, but in reality, many of them can be ignored. The key purpose for you wanting to buy an exercise bike is to help you with your weight loss goals. Any piece of equipment on its own will never achieve that target, but many of them can help.

Losing weight is about burning fat, and to do that you need a sensible diet and a sensible amount of exercise. In other words burn off more fat that you eat. Using an exercise bike can help do that, but it is predominantly a piece of fitness equipment that works the lower half of the body.

That said, it can also really make you work your cardio, and it is that which will build you up a good sweat, and help burn off the fat.

There are some features on an exercise bike that are worth considering,e specially when buying your bike in an attempt to lose weight. We have listed those below.

LCD Displays, Monitors and Tracking

Even the most basic of exercise bikes will have some form of LCD display. These typically measure time on the bike, the distance covered, speed, calories used/burned, pulses and/or heart rate. The important thing here is to use these to your advantage.

If you do decide to buy an exercise bike, then the first few weeks are very easy. Just the novelty of the new bike is enough to get you up and pedaling. However, as the weeks tick by, it is oh so easy to slip into old habits, and opt for a glass of wine and the TV, rather than a session on an exercise bike.

If however you have been tracking your progress, then that can often give you great self motivation to keep going, especially when the going gets tough.

Understanding Resistance Levels for Weight Loss

When you start to pedal an indoor bike on the lowest resistance setting, then the pedaling should be fairly easy. It of course will depend what condition you are in, but as a general rule, you will be able to easily get the bike going, and start covering the miles or kilometers if you prefer.

When your legs get stronger, you may then find that the resistance is not enough to really make your sweat. That is the time to take that resistance to the next level. You want to have a range of resistance levels to work your way through them. 8 of those will be enough to help build up your cardio and strength.

Legs and Bottom for Weight Loss

The very first thing that you will notice after 1-2 weeks on an exercise bike is that the muscles in your legs will start to get very strong. The calves and thighs will start to take a much better shape, and muscle will develop.

You will also notice that your bottom, especially the buttocks will become better toned and much firmer. This happens indirectly simply from the pedaling motion. On your bike you ideally want toe clips or straps that stop your feet from slipping.

They also allow you to stand up and pedal. By standing up, the bottom gets an even better work out.

Exercise Bike Programs

There is no great secret to working an exercise bike. Change into some gym style clothes, hop on and pedal and build up a sweat, and then jump in the shower. While that may work at the start, it can also get pretty boring. It is also a pretty random way of exercising.

Some of the more expensive bikes have programs. We would highly recommend using those. They give you a purpose and a plan to follow when getting on your bike. Not all bikes have these, so if you feel that is important for you, then make sure your bike has these.

The Basic Exercise Bike Features

Most bikes have these but always check just to be sure:

  • Adjustable seat - You need to be able to adjust the seat/saddle to suit your own height for comfortable riding
  • Adjustable pedal straps - we all have different sized feet, so you want to be able to fit inside the pedals tightly
  • Maximum weight - most bikes will cater for people weighing up to 100 Kg - that is 220 lbs or 15 and a half stone
  • Maximum height - this refers to recumbent bikes, and the maximum height for those is usually 6'2"
  • Assembly - Most of these will need some home assembly. It is always better to have 2 people to do this.

Hopefully we have provided you with enough information to be able to buy the best exercise bike for weight loss.

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