Best Gym Equipment for Bad Back 

Updated April 2022

The Best Home Exercise Equipment for Back Pain Relief

In this article we examine the best options of exercise, that will help with back pain relief. Before even considering using any piece of fitness equipment, it is vitally important to discuss that with your medical expert. Back injuries come in many different types. Using the wrong equipment, could cause even more problems.

Now with that health warning, some equipment will certainly help with known back problems. However some back pain, may actually come from other areas of the body. You need to understand what is actually causing the pain in your back first. It is also important to ask your health care professional, which exercises, if any, are recommended.

Some pieces of equipment that we recommend will offer more benefit than others. We have tried in this article to recommend what we know to be the best, Anything you find listed below are certainly very good for strengthening the abdominal core and the muscles that support the spine.

Let’s look at some of the fitness equipment that are easy on the back but essential to building a home gym.

No 1 Choice Try an Elliptical Trainer For Back Pain

Thanks to a fairly smooth elliptical pattern of movement, elliptical trainers are particularly good at reducing joint or back pain. They do of course also offer you a very good workout. Again, thanks to the smooth movements, they do not jar the joints such as the knees, ankles or the spine area.

Many of these types of elliptical trainers, have digital programs built into them. That allows you to pick a program that has varying resistance. That is useful because as your back gets stronger, you can then gradually increase the resistance and slowly build up your back strength.

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Using an elliptical trainer for back pain
JLL® Home Recumbent Exercise Bike RE100

No 2 Choice - A Stationary Exercise Bike for Back Pain

One of the keys that will really help relieve most types of back pain, is to really focus on the position of the body. Generally, a slight forward bend is the most comfortable. if riding an upright bike.

With a recumbent bike, the back however does get a great deal more support. With this style of indoor bike, the back gets fully supported. This bike actually makes the legs do a lot more work, than with normal upright or spin bikes. The beauty of this type of bike is that there is no strain on the back. That is thanks to both the seat style, and the supporting arms.

Again like the elliptical trainer, the exercise bike is also a low-impact type of exercise equipment with a rotating motion. the slight difference is that the bike goes in circles instead of an oval movement.

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No 3 Choice Resistance Exercise for Back Support and Pain Relief

resistance loop bands

Any type of resistance band, or resistance machines like Bowflex® are good. That is simply because you do not have to physically pick up any type of weight. The resistance comes from the bands or from the carbon rods, or indeed from stretching cables.

Just be aware that you can easily overdo this type of exercise very easily. Always start out on low settings and only when you feel comfortable, start to increase the resistance. Resistance machines are expensive enough though. We have found that the simple and much cheaper resistance bands offer as good an exercise, but at a much lower cost.

We have reviewed resistance bands, and you can read more about those by clicking here.

No 4 Choice Yoga for Back Exercises

One effective form of exercise that is gentle on the back that doesn’t require any more equipment than a mat is Yoga. Now we are not experts on Yoga here, but we have read about how Yoga can be used to benefit back pain sufferers.

However, we would again recommend that before running off and signing up for a yoga class, that you speak with your doctor or chiropractor, before commencing any exercise.

Summary of Back Pain Relief

If you have the room, you may want to invest in these pieces of home gym equipment to help alleviate your back pain. They don’t take up much floor space and when used sensibly can help relieve back pain and strengthen the supporting structure of the back making it stronger and less prone to further damage.

Please only do that, when you have been given the all clear by some medical professional.

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