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Updated June 2022

Buying a home gym is of course a very big decision. The variety and choices are almost endless so it can be tough to figure out, which is the best, and more importantly which one is the best for your own needs and your own budget. These gyms are not always a cheap purchase, and we would recommend strongly, that they should never be an impulse purchase. It is the main reason we have written this detailed home gym review article.

Home gyms vary hugely in price. They are available from £100 all the way up to £3,000. The average price is however around £275-400 for anything of decent quality, and enough features to make it worthwhile. At the lower price points you get a pretty basic pull up gym. If you want something with weights, good pulley systems and a bench, then you have to be prepared to pay for that.

In this detailed article we look at the full range of home gyms currently available in the UK. Then based on the reviews of actual users and buyers, we try to bring some order and sense to the massive amount of information, currently out there in the fitness market place. Hopefully that will make your choice a great deal easier, or at least narrow down the choices. for you.

Top Rated Home Gyms in the UK

Who Should Buy a Home Gym?

You should really only consider a home gymnasium, if you are going to take your physical training to a pretty serious level. There are some cheaper options available that would suit people who want a pretty basic workout. For the more serious of you, I believe it is worth investing in a better quality home gym product. These are ideal for those who want to improve muscle, build up strength and develop a higher level of fitness.

These are also ideal for people who want a "gym experience," without actually having to go the gym, and pay their expensive membership fees. Many people are also private people, who prefer to do their workout, in the privacy of their own home. There are no condescending or disapproving looks when you are in your own garage.

Home gyms are also ideal, as they allow you to workout, as and when you have the time. They are suitable for both men and women. They also allow you to do a full range of body strengthening exercises, as they have plenty of variety. It is however worth stating, that these do take up quite a bit of room. Ideally if you have a spare room, a garage or even a shed, that is ideal.

Below I have included the best in a range of price points, which I hope you will find useful. I have ranked these by the highest buyer rating as that way you will know, you are getting something of very high quality.  Below we have shown a number of great home gymnasiums that should suit most people. I have tried to include a range of average retail prices, so you should be able to find something that should suit your budget.

Hardcastle Home Pulldown Multi Gym

90% buyer satisfaction based on 175+ online buyer reviews

And finally the last on our list is the Hardcastle Home Pulldown Multi Gym. Please note that this one does not come with a weight stack. Hence the very affordable price tag.

The good news is that this gym suits all Standard 1" hole diameter weights. You also get the adaptors that will allow fitting of the 2" Olympic sized discs. So at least this gym gives you options.

Plenty of people have bought this home gym set-up. There is a padded bench along with a cable bar for pull downs, and a rowing style exercise. It does not have all the bells and whistles that you find with many other gyms on this list. What it does do, it does it well.

That pretty much sums this Hardcastle gym up.  This is about as basic as you can get, and you can add your own weights.

York Perform Multi Gym

84% buyer satisfaction based on 30+ online buyer reviews

This model has a weight stack of 100 Kg (220 lbs)

It also comes with a peck deck, arm curl, and vertical chest press

It also has a Hi-Pulley, a lat pull down, a seated row, low pulley and leg extension

The maximum user weights is 125Kg (275 lbs)

Comes with a 2 year warranty

That concludes our reviews on the best home gyms on the UK market. Hopefully you have found the information presented here, informative and useful. As you can see the prices vary quite a lot, and it really does depend a lot on how much you can afford. More importantly we think it depends on how hard you want to workout. Most of these gyms are best located in a garage, or a room dedicated as a fitness space.

For those with limited space, one of the smaller ones would be your best option. That is because they can be folded away when not in use. Again many of these are hard to set up, and when you get that done, you will want to have them in a space, where they will not be moved. Many buyers decide to bolt them to the ground. That stops any risk of toppling over, and also prevents them from being stolen.

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