Best Home Gyms - UK Reviews

Buying a home gym is of course a very big decision. The variety and choices are almost endless so it can be tough to figure out, which is the best, and more importantly which one is the best for your own needs and your own budget. These gyms are not always a cheap purchase, and we would recommend strongly, that they should never be an impulse purchase. It is the main reason we have written this detailed home gym review article.

Home gyms vary hugely in price.​ They are available from £75 all the way up to £3,000. The average price is however around £275-400 for anything of decent quality, and enough features to make it worthwhile. At the lower price points you get a pretty basic pull up gym. If you want something with weights, good pulley systems and a bench, then you have to be prepared to pay for that.

In this detailed article we look at the full range of home gyms currently available in the UK. Then based on the reviews of actual users and buyers, we try to bring some order and sense to the massive amount of information, currently out there in the fitness market place. Hopefully that will make your choice a great deal easier, or at least narrow down the choices. for you.

Top Rated Home Gyms in the UK

Who Should Buy a Home Gym?

You should really only consider a home gymnasium, if you are going to take your physical training to a pretty serious level. There are some cheaper options available that would suit people who want a pretty basic workout. For the more serious of you, I believe it is worth investing in a better quality home gym product. These are ideal for those who want to improve muscle, build up strength and develop a higher level of fitness.

These are also ideal for people who want a "gym experience," without actually having to go the gym, and pay their expensive membership fees. Many people are also private people, who prefer to do their workout, in the privacy of their own home. There are no condescending or disapproving looks when you are in your own garage.​

Home gyms are also ideal, as they allow you to workout, as and when you have the time. They are suitable for both men and women. They also allow you to do a full range of body strengthening exercises, as they have plenty of variety.​ It is however worth stating, that these do take up quite a bit of room. Ideally if you have a spare room, a garage or even a shed, that is ideal.

Below I have included the best in a range of price points, which I hope you will find useful. I have ranked these by the highest buyer rating as that way you will know, you are getting something of very high quality.  Below we have shown a number of great home gymnasiums that should suit most people. I have tried to include a range of average retail prices, so you should be able to find something that should suit your budget.

Top 10 Buyer Rated UK Home Gyms

​Please note we have added our own rating out of a maximum of 5 stars. We have also included an average online retail price as a general guide. Prices and ratings change regularly so always check those before making a purchase.

Underneath this table, we have then reviewed each of these home gyms in more detail. You can also click on "Read More" to jump straight to our detailed review.


Product Name











no 2 rated home gym


MiraFit VKR Multi Function Gym Power Tower



no 3 rated home gym


Marcy Eclipse HG5000 Deluxe Home Multi Gym



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no 4 rated home gym


V-fit STG/09-3 Herculean Modular Compact PYTHON Gym



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no 5 rated home gym


Marcy Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home Gym with Weight Stack



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no 6 rated home gym




no 7 rated home gym


F4H Olympic 7080 Multi Gym Home Workout Station



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no 8 rated home gym


BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Foldable



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no 9 rated home gym




no 10 rated home gym

No 1 Rated Home Gym - York Perform Multi Gym

This gym has an RRP of just under £700, though there is currently a special offer on over at Amazon UK. It is still an expensive purchase, but it is from a high quality fitness brand known as "York." This company make very good fitness and gym style products.

There are not a lot of reviews to go on, but that is most likely down to the price point. Those that do exist award this gym the full 5 star treatment.

It has a really good weight stack of 100 Kg (220 lbs), and that is what you would expect to see in a quality home gym. It also has a padded seat and back rest.

All the important features are included such as a pec deck; vertical chest press, arm curls, Lat Pull Down/ Hi-pulley. There is also a seated row- low Pulley and leg extension.

This home gym has been designed to offer you a safe and varying workout. The pulleys operate on sealed bearings that prevent sticking or jamming. The design is also very sturdy and will stand the test of time. The press and pec arms of the multigym enable you to perform each exercise without leaving your seat as there is no need for mechanism changes.

No 2 Rated Home Gym -Marcy Pro PM4400 Leverage Home Multi Gym and Bench

If you glance over at the image on the left, you can see this is a heavy duty looking piece of home gym equipment. The bench and seat pads are also well padded and offer a high degree of comfort.

This one is very different to many on this list, as there are no pulleys used to lift the weights. The gym needs to be loaded with ​Olympic 2 inch weight plates.

This gym is made of industrial grade steel and has a lifetime warranty on the frame. There is also ​3 years parts warranty and a 1-year upholstery warranty.

The maximum user weight is 25 stones (350 lbs or 158 Kg)​

​This Marcy PM4400 allows you to train without having to worry about a barbell or dropping dumbbells. You let the weight return back to it's starting position with ease. As such you can lift heavier weights than you would normally feel comfortable doing As a result this will truly increase your muscle growth like no other weight bench.

The bench is adjustable bench and can also easily be moved to the side. The bench also sits on a cantilever that enables it to move back and forth. 

Please note this gym does not come with a weight stack. You will also need to buy the weight plates. Olympic plates have a 2" centre hole diameter. We recommend the exercise 145 kg Olympic Set or the Pure Fitness & Sports 145 kg Set

No 3 Rated Home Gym - MiraFit VKR Multi Function Gym Power Tower

This is called a Gym power tower, and is from the popular Mirafit fitness brand. Priced at around £110, this is one of the cheapest gyms on our top 10 list. The reason for that is that this is a very basic style of home gym. You get the bare bones and none of the extras.

There are dip bars, and a pull-up bar​. The back rest on this gym has been angled. That makes it ideal for doing vertical knee and leg raises. There is also an adjustable sit-up bar.

The back rest and arms are filled with high density foam and covered with vinyl, which does make them easy to wipe clean. 

The frame is made from steel tubing.

​One of the benefits of this is that it is free standing and doesn't need to be secured in place before use.It is also very stable with no movement of the frame.  or its various parts. I have placed mine on a non slip mat to protect the floor as much as to make sure it doesn't move.

This does not have any weight stack, nor does it have any pulleys to attach anything to do. This is for sit-ups, pull-ups etc and not about lifting weights. Plenty of buyers rate this basic gym very highly indeed.

No 4 Rated Home Gym - Marcy Eclipse HG5000 Deluxe Home Multi Gym

This home gym is from the same manufacturer as the number 2 choice on our list. The design and style are however completely different. This is more like the classic traditional design, commonly seen with good quality home gymnasiums.

​This one does come with a 90 Kg vinyl weight stack, and he weight is adjusted using a selector pin. The gym uses pulleys to move the weights up and down. There is also an adjustable chest press.

There is a high pulley system with lat bar, a low pulley with foot plate for seated rows and a middle pulley for ab crunches. You can also do leg extensions on this gym.

The seat pad can be adjusted and is very comfortable. The back pad can also be adjusted. The frame is made of heavy duty steel.

It has a maximum user weight of 21 stones (135 K or  300 lbs)

The warranties are lifetime on the frame, with 3 years parts and 1 year on the pads.

No 5 Rated Home Gym - V-fit STG/09-3 Herculean Modular Compact PYTHON Gym

The V-fit brand is one that many people into their fitness and health will always go to for high quality products. Buyers rate this STG/09-3 Herculean model really highly, and there are some very good reviews on this one.

The frame is made from tubular steel, and has a ​chip resistant grey coloured coating. The weight stack is 90 Kg. What makes this gym different to many others on our list, is the fact that it has a few really useful extras.

​You also get an aerobic stepper with oversized, non-slip footplates and a vertical knee raise (VKR) station. So your range of exercises is extended and you can do bench presses, chest presses, lat pull downs (front and back). You can also do Pec Dec, Leg Extension, Back Leg Curls, Upright Rows, Crunches  and even sit-up exercise functions.

The maximum user weight is 19.6 stones (275 lbs or 125 Kg)

​This may sound silly to say, but it also looks like a gym. The design looks great and this one is highly functional. It is great for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. The seat and back rest are very well padded.

The down sides are you can't add any more weight to this, and the seat can not be adjusted.​

No 6 Rated Home Gym - Marcy Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home Gym with Weight Stack

This multi-gym gets very good buyer ratings with an average of 4.out of 5 stars. There is a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 3-year warranty on the parts and a 1-year warranty on the pads.

It certainly looks to be a high quality set up, and will tick all of the important boxes for home gym users. The frame is solid and made from heavy gauge steel. The pulleys are smooth and quiet and operate off ball bearings which give a smooth movement.

There is a good range on this one with up to 150 lbs in weight (68 Kg) The weights are vinyl and can be adjusted using a selector pin.

Like many home gyms this does take a fair amount of assembly. For most people it will take about 5-6 hours of your time. All the buyers recommend laying the parts out on the floor, and thoroughly reading the instructions. Have a swear box handy, if you want to raise a bit of money for a charity.

It doesn't take up too much room and will easily fit into a single bedroom or boxroom.

It is heavy though, so we would recommend having it on the ground floor, or in a garage

No 7 Rated Home Gym - Body Sculpture Aero Gym with DVD

Priced at under £75, this gym is certainly a very different style. As you can see from the image to the right, a key feature of this Aero Gym is the comfortable and durable bench. It can be fully adjusted to suit whatever exercise, you plan on doing.

As such it can be positioned flat, inclined or declined. Alternatively it can be used as a conventional weight bench and then used with something like dumbbells. To help with the intensity of your exercise, the bungee style cords at the top of the gym, also offer adjustable resistance to help target different muscle groups.

Many buyers like this option because it can be quickly stored away. When not in use it folds neatly at 90 degrees for simple and easy storage.

It comes with a 12 minute DVD, that explains and demonstrates the range of exercises that you can do with this small home style gym.

Please note carefully, this is not a strength workout gym, and does not come with a weight stack. You can not add a weight stack to this one either. It is designed for toning rather than for weight or strength training.

No 8 Rated Home Gym - F4H Olympic 7080 Multi Gym Home Workout Station Strength Training Body Building

This F4H Olympic is a multi style gym, ideal for strength training and body building. As you can see from the image to the right, this one is very good quality, and has all of the right features. This one normally retails at around £400, but online you can get huge discounts.

It has a solid rounded, tubular, enforced steel frame for maximum stability. That will also make this product very durable and long lasting. It comes with a 45 Kg weight stack (100 lbs) and also has a padded seat and backrest.

This compact home gym will allow you to exercise all the major muscle groups.  and provides a full body workout. The deep padded seat and upright backrest provides comfort whilst you exercise. You can do leg work and ab work.

You can also make use of the pectoral deck, use the chest press, work your lats with the lat pull-down. You  can also work the biceps and triceps on the arm curl deck. In addition to that there is also the leg curler.

All these exercises can be completed without the need to change cables.

Almost every buyer liked the gym a lot, however, almost all of them said, that this particular model is pretty hard to assemble. There are a lot of moving parts and pulleys to deal with.

Once assembled though, all the buyers stated that it worked really well.

No 9 Rated Home Gym - BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Foldable

This is the baby brother of the BH Fitness G152X. This model number, the G112X is however a third of the price at around £400. You do however get all the important elements of a good quality home gym. As you can see it does look pretty good.

There are 8 weight plates, and combined they can offer up 70 Kg of resistance. The weight stack is moved up and down using cables with bearing pulleys for ultra smooth movements. You of course have to supply the manual power.

The seat pad and backrest are comfortable and well padded. In addition to that, the seat is also adjustable.

Overall buyers have given this home gym an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. So even though this one comes in at number 9 on our list, that is still a very good rating.

The G112x follows the conventional multi gym layout with a lat pull-down at the top, a lower pulley system, a chest press / pec dec combination and a leg developer feature too.

No 10 Rated Home Gym - Hardcastle Home Pulldown Multi Gym

And finally the last on our list is the Hardcastle Home Pulldown Multi Gym. Please note that thos one does not come with a weight stack. Hence the very affordable £85 price tag.

The good news is that this gym suits all Standard 1" hole diameter weights. You also get the adaptors that will allow fitting of the 2" Olympic sized discs. So at least this gym gives you options.

Plenty of people have bought this home gym set-up. There is a padded bench along with a cable bar for pull downs, and a rowing style exercise. It does not have all the bells and whistles that you find with many other gyms on this list. What it does do, it does it well.

One buyer said the following, "If you want a no nonsense lat pull down machine for under £100.00 this is perfect!"

That pretty much sums this Hardcastle gym up.  This is about as basic as you can get, and you can add your own weights.

That concludes our reviews on the best home gyms on the UK market. Hopefully you have found the information presented here, informative and useful. As you can see the prices vary quite a lot, and it really does depend a lot on how much you can afford. More importantly we think it depends on how hard you want to workout. Most of these gyms are best located in a garage, or a room dedicated as a fitness space.

For those with limited space, one of the smaller ones would be your best option. That is because they can be folded away when not in use. Again many of these are hard to set up, and when you get that done, you will want to have them in a space, where they will not be moved. Many buyers decide to bolt them to the ground. That stops any risk of toppling over, and also prevents them from being stolen.​