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Updated April 2022

Pull up bars are a reliable, time tested tools for completing intense upper body workout routines. Workouts can be completed using your own body weight and can be made more difficult following a body-weight program.

This article will break down the best pull up bars available in the UK. As well as the key features and functionality that make the best pull up bar.

There are many variations of pull up bars. However, the two stand out variations of the humble pull up bar are, wall mounted and doorway mounted.

Wall mounted pull up bar variants remain in a fixed position on a wall. Conversely, doorway mounted pull up bars provide a more portable workout solution and can be fixed into position in any door-frame.

Despite these minor differences, pull up bars are usually composed of a sturdy metal bar that is specifically designed for weight bearing. These bars often come in different shapes and sizes to allow users to try different pull up variations.

Best Door Mounted Pull Up Bar

Door mounted pull up bars are perfect for those who like to work out at home, without sacrificing much space. This variety of pull up bar is fully portable and can be erected and dismantled with ease. Providing you have a stable door frame that is.

Additionally, door mounted pull up bars are compact and can be comfortably stored in a small cupboard or wardrobe. Making it an incredibly valuable piece of home gym equipment, if space is at a premium.



Magnoos Pull-Up-Bar “Matador“

You simply hang your new "Matador" pull-up bar in the door frame to get started. Once finished, all you need to do is fold up your chin-up bar in seconds and store it.

This chin-up bar allows you to train with a more optimal Range-of-Motion (ROM) and enables you therefore highly effective training workouts, making it also ideal for taller people.

The design prevents the bar from annoying wobbling and swinging and will hold people up to 130 kg

It has soft foam handles for a secure grip and they are non-slip. The bar diameter is (3,5cm) that helps ensure the perfect grip.

It comes with a money back guarantee.

96% buyer satisfaction based on 3,000+ online buyer reviews



UMI. Essentials Door Pull-up and Chin-up Bar

This is a portable door frame pull up bar, and has a high-density threaded adjustable system. That allows adjustment to any length between 72cm - 92cm (28.3 IN - 36.2 IN). With the right width, you can use it at different locations and different areas, such as a door frame or a corridor.

It is made of 3MM thick stainless steel tube and net weighs over 2.5kg, which is heavier than most. It also has has 360° stainless steel safety locks on both sides to prevent rotation and avoid accidents.

The grips are made of high-elasticity rubber and nylon and are non-slip.

88% buyer satisfaction based on 4000+ online buyer reviews



ONETWOFIT Door-Frame Pull-Up Bar

Like all doorway bars, no screws or drilling necessary: simply secure in place and get your workout going If you prefer you can also use the screws and assembly materials to make it a more permanent fixture
The doorway pull up bar features comfortable grip pads.

The bar also has transparent rubber closures on the left and right - this prevents unwanted marks on the door frame.

The bar itself is made of steel and uses a telescopic system, for adjustments.

90% buyer satisfaction based on 500+ online buyer reviews



ONETWOFIT Door-Frame Pull-Up Bar

Like all doorway bars, no screws or drilling necessary: simply secure in place and get your workout going.

Most suited for door frames with a width of approx. 55x23.5x8 cm

Maximum user weight is 100 Kg (220 lbs)

This is one of the most affordable pull up bars on the UK market so a great choice for beginners

82% buyer satisfaction based on 1,500+ online buyer reviews

Pull Up Bar Buying Tips

There are lots of different types of fitness equipment on the UK market, and pull up bars is just one of those. They are not that expensive to buy, but they still cost around £30-40. We know from anecdotal evidence that lots of these are bought, and get stopped being of use very quickly.

The reason for that is simple really. Pull up bars take a lot of strength when getting started and for many people just too much strength is required. They also take the user to have a lot of perseverance. Anyone looking for quick improvement when using pull up bars does get a bit of a shock.

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