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Help With Finding the Best Skipping Rope

The good old fashioned skipping rope has been, and will always remain, one of the cheapest and best forms of exercise in the world. As kids, many of us in the UK, will have at least tried using one of these. In these more modern days, the top athletes use these jump ropes on a daily basis. They come in all shapes and sizes and by different brands.

There are many skipping rope brands who specialise in boxing, losing fat or weight, ropes to burn calories, build muscle, flatten the tummy and for general fitness. Whatever your reason is, one thing is certain, master this rope and it will deliver great results for you. They are very popular with boxers, Mixed Martial Arts, Crossfit, Pilates, Cardio improvement and those looking for abs toning or six packs.

Why a Skipping Rope Is Good for You?

The skipping rope is in its most basic form a very cheap solution. It is also very efficient and gives you a great cardio workout and works all of the body. A short 15 minutes of proper skipping is as effective as 30 minutes of jogging. It is estimated that a person can burn 840 calories in one hour simply by skipping.

It will also build speed, agility and endurance. For those who want to tone up, or lose weight, then skipping is a highly efficient activity to burn fats, lose weight and avoid cellulite.

Many people ask is a skipping rope a better option than swimming, walking, cycling, treadmill, jogging etc It is always a BIG mistake to try to make direct comparisons. If a rope is used properly, then it will work all the muscles, and especially the legs. By adding weights to it, it can also help work out the arms and shoulders.

Each of the exercise types above work out different muscles in the body. It is not realistic to try and compare if one is better than the other. For example if we go for a swim, different muscle groups are used, mainly the arms and shoulders. When cycling almost all the work done there is in the legs.

Skipping vs Walking or Running

If walking, jogging, running or sprinting then that would compare closely with skipping. The slight difference there is that the leg muscles, are used in a slightly different way. Any type of walking or running will stretch the leg muscles more. Moving up and down on the spot when skipping does not do that.

It is however a high impact exercise as it is tough on both the knee and ankle joints. It is therefore not ideal for anyone recovering from injury, or those who have any problems with the feet, ankles, knees or lower back. In fact, using one incorrectly can just add to already existing problems.

Overall I would say that skipping should be used with other forms of exercise. Rather than just skip, it would be better to skip, go for a walk or jog, and maybe skip again when finished.

Which Skipping Rope Should You Buy?

There are a few rules to follow. If you do, then you can find a perfect rope. In the main these are either made from nylon or leather. The leather ones remain a popular choice with boxers. The nylon option is the most popular all round choice. For those who want something more from their choice of rope, you can get one with a counter on it. You can also get ropes with additional hand weights, which help improve the arms and shoulders.

It depends what your main reason is for buying a skipping rope. Most boxers will want a specific type. Some may want it for cardio, some for crossfit, and some to build up their overall endurance levels.

Down below, I have made suggestions for the best skipping rope, depending on what you want to use it for. That should help you make the right buying decision.​

How Long Should a Skipping Rope Be?

Learning how to use a skipping rope comes easier to some than others. I know when I first started, I found it nearly impossible. That was until a friend showed me how to use my jump rope properly. Here are the two golden rules

Place your on the middle of your skipping rope. Then holding the ends of the rope, bring your wrists upwards, as if you were about to start skipping. Now check your position:

  1. ​Beginners level: your wrists need to be just underneath your shoulder height.
  2. When You Improve: your wrists need to be at your ribs height

The length of the rope needs to be adjusted to your height It also needs to allow you to have the right length for measurements that I have explained above. Once you set these levels, then you can use this length of rope going forwards. When beginning you need to give yourself more rope. That also allows you some room for error until you master the swing to the foot movement.

Skipping Ropes for Weight Loss, the Abs, Flat Tummy or Toning

This is an area of wide interest. People who want to lose weight may be considering getting a good skipping rope. There is no doubt that with proper use, this will burn calories, burn fats and build up a good sweat, very quickly.

It also really improves the cardio and general breathing and stamina.


The one that I would highly recommend is the Soniworks Power Rope. ​This one has sold in its thousands, and gets very high ratings from buyers, with the specific purpose of using it to lose weight. Well over 500 reviews from buyers rate this one at 4.8 out of 5 stars.

​This rope can be used by adults and kids. The plastic coated nylon rope is long enough for everyone and is very easy to adjust. It comes with a very stylish bag. At under £7, it is also very good value for money.

Here is a very good weight loss routine to do, using a skipping rope like the one shown above

Skipping Ropes with Automatic or Digital Counters

Quite a few people on fitness programs also like the idea of being able to count the number of skips. That can achieve a couple of things. Firstly it is just good fun to see how many you can do without stopping. Secondly, and for those wanting to lose weight, it is nice to also have a calorie counter.

PowerLead Pjum M001 Jump Rope

The one that I would highly recommend is the PowerLead Pjum M001 Jump Rope. ​If you are someone who likes to know how many jumps you have done, how long you have been skipping or jumping, and how many calories you have burned, this could be the one for you.

​This is a good rope and also easy to adjust. For a little under £9, we would recommend this one highly.

Skipping Ropes with Weights

Some people want an even tougher workout than just skipping. Personally I think that is tough enough, but others want more. A good way of doing that is to add weights to the rope. Well in fact the weight is actually added into the handles in most cases.

These are popular with boxers and those involved in MMA. That said, almost anyone wanting to take their fitness up a level, can benefit from one of these.​

Best Weighted Skipping Rope

RDX Adjustable Leather Gym Skipping Jump

The one that I would highly recommend is the RDX Adjustable Leather Gym Skipping Jump Speed Rope Weighted. A bit of a long name I know, but they are trying to point out, exactly what this rope can do,

​This is a leather rope that will need to be cut to size. It has a good swivel design at the handles, which are made of wood. You can then adjust the weight in the handles.

​The rope feels good and sturdy, is very well-made, and a lot more robust than some of the plastic jump ropes I have seen.

Skipping Ropes for Boxers

There are quite literally hundreds of these on the UK market. The reason for that is simple. ALL boxers, bar none, will use a rope to workout. That is of course standard across all boxing gyms. Aside from the usual benefits of skipping, this exercise also helps the speed of the feet.

Speed Skipping Rope by Beast Gear.

Almost any rope will do. Some however prefer the older and more traditional style​, or a leather rope and wooden handles. It was the way they were first made, back in the day.

Personally I like the one, known as the Beast Rope, shown in the image above. For under £9 and almost entirely 5 star reviews, I don't think they come any better than this one. Click here to see reviews on the BEAST Skipping Rope

Ever Heard of Power Jumping or Double Unders?

This is a very popular skipping technique. Rather than try to explain it, have a look at the video below.


It will of course take a bit of practise to be able to master this type of speed jumping. Always remember though, that all it takes is plenty of practise, and a fair dollop of patience. The rope many people recommend, is the fast speed cable from Master of Muscle, shown above.

This is classed as a Whipper Jump Rope. It has a fast spin 90 degree handle turn, and a wire cable to ensure fast spinning, and no kinking. The weight and the flexibility is really good.

Skipping Ropes General Buying Guide

These are not expensive pieces of fitness equipment. At the same time you don't want to be wasting your money, on something that won't last. The two points of weakness on a skipping rope, are the rope itself and the handles.

Few skipping, speed or jump ropes are actually made of real rope. They are either some form of nylon, plastic coated nylon, wire or some other materials. The area of weakness is where the rope will be continually hitting the ground directly beneath you.​

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