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The Three Best Spring Chest Expanders UK Reviews

There are a few favourable spring and bar chest expander exercises that are commonly used by people to strengthen and develop chest, back, shoulder and arm muscles.

 In this article we will review and compare the top 3 rated spring chest expanders, that are currently available on the UK market

Chest expanders come in 3 distinct types which are:

  1. Adjustable chest expander
  2. Chest expander bar
  3. Fitness Resistance bands

In this article we shall focus on the best adjustable chest expanders that are currently available in the UK market. By using any type of the above spring and bar style chest expanders they will help a lot with muscle development and improve fitness, when used correctly.

Of course, the muscles being worked will depend on the exercise being carried out. However, with all chest expander types, you will naturally be working the middle and upper area of the "pecs". The next most notable group of muscles are the deltoids, triceps and biceps.

These type of chest expanders are largely affordable for the majority of people. It can also be fair to say that they can be tough to operate especially if you have not tried out chest expanders before.

They can be achieved however with practise and concentration, with the benefits showing a defined and sculpted upper body.

Top 3 Buyer Rated Spring Chest Expanders

If you click on any of the links above, you will then be able to read our more detailed review of each product. Alternatively you can simply scroll down this page to read all of the reviews.

Having read all of the reviews on chest expanders, which were left by real life UK buyers, we have summarised these below in an easy to understand and time saving manner.

In each of the reviews below, we have given a product description, along with a pros and cons list, based on what actual buyers have had to say about these chest expanders.

Gold Choice - Chest Expander Muscle Exerciser Adjustable Pull Strength 5 Resistance Bands with Safe Cover

Buyer Satisfaction
  • This chest expander has been chosen as our gold choice due to the review rating of buyers satisfaction at 90%. This type of chest expander is very durable and easy to use, hence the high buyer satisfaction rating.
  • The expander has a safe cover, so that the tubes won't hit the user's body once they come off. These tubes are made from natural rubber (latex).
  • They are aging resistance, long durability, robust, good elasticity, and no pungent odor. Lightweight, easy to carry and store. 5 tubes are all removable, 10kg (22lbs) and 50 cm for each resistance tube; it is convenient to choose the resistance you want.
  • The Produce Dimensions are 35.5 x 15 x 7 cm ; 640 g.
  • The chest expander comes in a red colour.


  • 76% of buyers gave this a full 5 star rating
  • Ideal for beginners and experienced users
  • Material quality and durability is excellent
  • Buyers stated this product is lightweight, easy to carry around and store


  • A few buyers have mentioned, that although the handle grips fit well, your hands can slip upwards on the handles during a work-out


Buyers have stated clearly that the durability of this chest expander and the high quality of its material is a big factor for such high ratings. The resistance on the band can be easily adjusted, to suit each type of user.

Due to the safe cover, users can safely and confidently carry out their workouts. Once the workout is complete, the lightweight expander can be easily stored away.

In summary majority of buyers have excellent feedback about this chest expander and have recommended this product to any new/existing users going forward. This feedback has guided our choice as our gold selection.

Silver Choice - TurnerMAX Flexi Rod or Power Twister for Shoulder, Arms and Chest Exercises Stretching Toning with ERG Grip Handles

Buyer Satisfaction
  • In second place we found this chest expander to be excellent value for money and a great choice for anyone on a limited budget.
  • Buyers rated this chest expander with a 92% buyer satisfaction rating.
  • The Flexi Rod is approximately 22 inches long and is available in 20kg, 30kg, 40kg strengths.
  • The handles are made of fine quality ERG rubber which makes it easy to grip.


  • 67% of buyers gave this chest expander a full 5 star rating
  • Buyers said this Flexi Rod was great value for money
  • Buyers also stated that the material is robust and comfortable to use
  • The improved design comes with straps so the rod stays in your hands


  • Choosing the correct resistance for a users strength workout can be tricky
    The hand grips and wrist straps can be a bit small


The quality of this product has made it the preferred choice of professionals and can be found in world class health clubs and gyms.

Most buyers enjoy using this Flexi Rod, however, the resistance strengths need labelled a bit more clearly. For this reason we have made this chest expander our silver option.

Bronze Choice - Schmidt Sports Elastikon Chest Expander I

Buyer Satisfaction
  • This is our bronze choice with a buyer satisfaction rate of 72%.
  • The overall length of this chest expander is quite large, however, the cables can be reduced in length.
  • It comes in 10kg / 50kg sizes in yellow.
  • Natural latex cords are used with extremely strong security clips.


  • 70% of buyers gave this chest expander a 5 star rating
  • Is quite cheap and good value for money
  • Is an excellent beginners chest expander
  • Produced by a high quality manufacturer


  • Buyers have stated the overall length of the chest expander can be a bit awkward to use


This chest expander is great value for money from a top quality manufacturer. It is great for keeping toned and helps target the conditioning of the users chest, arms and shoulders.

It is worth understanding however a few common questions asked when it comes to adjustable, bar and fitness resistance expanders.

What are the Best Chest Expander Exercises?

Chest expanders are a simple piece of equipment, with the most common consisting of two handles connected by springs. Many users end goal is to build and increase the size of their chest muscles, which adjustable chest expanders and resistance bands can achieve effectively.

It is recommended carrying out one to three sets of 8 to 12 reps when trying to achieve increased muscle size.

One method is to hold the chest expander in front of your body with one hand holding each end of the expander. While bending your elbows, point them downwards so that your arms are close to your ribs.

Next, press your arms straight outwards to your sides, which will work the muscles of your chest. Finally, bend your elbows back down, which will complete one rep.

However, if you grow tired of continuing the same chest exercise as above, a chest expander bar, also known as a spring bar, can be just as effective while adding a new element to your workout. The expander bar resembles two separate bars linked together with a spring.

Chest exercises with the spring bar comes in 2 favoured ways: lower bar squeezes and upper bar squeezes.

The lower bar squeeze enables the user to hold the bar at each end with an underhand grip. Once this has been achieved the user can move the palms in together closely so that the bar arcs toward the floor, while slowly releasing to work against the weight resistance.

The upper bar squeeze enables the user to hold the bar at either end with an overhand grip, while bringing both hands towards each other so that the bar's spring positions upwards towards the ceiling. Finally, bring the palms in close together and slowly release.

Is the Chest Expander worth investing in?

Chest expander cables cannot replace the likes of free weights, however, they are effective exercises for building functional strength.

Chest expanders help promote tendon and ligament strength, while toning your chest muscles. If you are dealing with injuries, chest expanders are low-impact compared to heavy weights available in a gym.

Chest expander cables are also relatively inexpensive and can be used virtually anywhere. The expander cables can be used to simulate many of the same upper body exercises as free weights, such as lat pull downs, shoulder presses and tricep extensions.

Although you would expect the chest expander to target the chest muscles, it can also be used to exercise the legs and back as well.

Conclusion on Chest Expanders

We would recommend using an adjustable chest expander to maximise chest muscle development in a safe and secure workout. If however you feel that a more intense workout is required, a Chest Expander Bar can be opted, due to the different level of strengths available.

All Chest Expanders can be used indoors and outdoors, giving users the flexibilty of where they would like to carry out their workout.

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