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Updated June 2022

Best Stepper Machine for Home Use

Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews on the best stepper machines that are currently available in the UK market. These machines are best suited to people who want to work on their lower body, especially the stomach, thighs, calf muscles and all of the legs and buttocks.

These make an affordable and very useful home exercise machine. That is because they do what they are supposed to do, and they are small enough to quickly fold up, and store away.

With the many advances in technology, almost all of them come with an integrated computer to help you track your progress. That is good because you can actually see the changes in your body, the more that you use the machine.

We also like these because they are affordable, with prices starting as low as £40, so that should give everyone a chance to give this form of exercise a try.

The main purpose of a stepper machine is to replicate the movements of walking up a set of stairs, but without the heavier impact on your knees and ankles. It is also not as boring as doing that, and you don't have to worry about wearing out your carpet.

Top Steppers at a glance:

  1. Best selling stepper in the UK - Ultrasport Swing Stepper 
  2. Best stepper and climbing machine - Sportstech innovative 2-in-1 Stepper and vertical climber
  3. Best 2 in 1 stepper - SportPlus 2 in 1 Dual Exercise Stepper
  4. Highest rated stepper - DACHUANG Steppers for Exercise
  5. Best with resistance bands - Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper Machine

Top 5 Buyer Rated Stepping Machines

Just below we have listed the top 5 stepper machines based on buyer satisfaction rating. The ratings are important as this is what buyers thought about their machine, after they had bought the machine, used it and then took the time to leave a review.

When we do our reviews, we check out the many websites that sell this particular type of fitness machine. We make a note of the buyer rating that has been left there. Some use a 5 star system such as Amazon and other websites use a 1-5 scoring system, and some even use a 1-10 scoring system.

We gather this information, and then work out the average score, which we express as a percentage. You will see that average buyer satisfaction rating, beside the actual name of the stepping machine.

Just below we have done a short summary of each stepper machine, which we hope you sill find useful.

Ultrasport Swing Stepper

84% customer satisfaction based on 7,000+ online buyer reviews

  • This is the best selling stepper currently available on the UK market with thousands of buyers
  • It is a compact stepper that is suitable for all levels of users from beginners to the more advanced
  • It is tough, well made with a solid metal frame and quiet shock absorbers so no squeaking from those when working out
  • You can quickly and easily adjust the level of resistance to suit it to where you are right now and then increase it as your legs and body strengthens
  • The small well lit a console counts important readings like training time, number of steps per minute and calorie consumption
  • The feet are strong and wide enough for all sizes and it can support weights of up to 100 kg

Sportstech Innovative 2-in-1 Stepper & Vertical Climber

82% customer satisfaction based on 300+ online buyer reviews

  • This is a climbing machine which is both a stepping machine and a climber for the leg
  • This machine works great for the buttocks, abdomen, and arm muscles
  • It has a chronometer, calorie, and step counter - with a very clear display
  • With just three hand movements, it folds flat in a space-saving manner
  • It has rubber feet that protect your floor
  • You can quickly adjust the stepping machine to your body size

SportPlus 2 in 1 Dual Exercise Stepper

82% customer satisfaction based on 700+ online buyer reviews

  • This is a 2 in 1 exercise stepper machine
  • It can be used as a "side stepper" or "up and down stepper"
  • It has a high quality hydraulic cylinder for resistance
  • This is classed as a mini and it has large non-slip footplates
  • It comes with a training computer which displays calories burned, time elapsed, number of steps display and automatically displays changes
  • The maximum user weight up to 100kg

DACHUANG Steppers for Exercise

90% customer satisfaction based on 400+ online buyer reviews

  • This stepping machine is the highest rated when it comes to online buyer satisfaction, but as you can see is also more expensive than most
  • This one is extremely well made and has been built to last with a high quality carbon steel frame and over sized pedals with a built-in massage feature
  • The easy to read monitor shows training time, step count per minute, and calories burned, showing you that you exercise is more effective.
  • This one uses a proper piston system on the pedals so no need to worry about noisy springs
  • It is also portable so easy to store away after use.

Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper Machine with Resistance Bands

86% customer satisfaction based on 800+ online buyer reviews

  • This stepping machine has the added advantage of resistance bands which also help give arms, shoulders and back workout
  • The easy to read monitor shows step count, time spent, calories burned, Total Count and Scan, showing you that you exercise is more effective.
  • You can adjust the heights of your steps and switch between steep climbs and flatter climbs
  • It also has a stabilising ring for added peace of mind as it keeps the whole machine very steady and you feel more secure

Stepper Machine Buying Guide

If you plan on buying and using a stepper machine in your home, then there are a number of things that you need to understand and then give serious consideration to. Many home users opt for this type of low cost equipment because they either do not want to go to a gym, or simply prefer to do their exercise in the comfort of their own home.

Some people just like their privacy when they are getting fit or simply trying to lose a few pounds

The stepper combines two types of movements. There is the normal stair like movement of up and down, but almost all of these stepping machines also have a twisting movement built into them as well. That allows this machine to also work on the back and buttocks and is very good for toning of the bottom. This twisting motion also helps tighten up the lower core.

What Are Your Expectations from Using a Stepper Machine?

The stepper has been designed to replicate walking. It is well known that walking is a great way to exercise. The majority of people will normally go outdoors to do that type of activity. 

Some people prefer not to do that and simply do it at home. The stepper will allow you to do that. Likewise, and given the weather in the UK, it is not always possible or desirable to walk in heavy rain, cold temperatures or snow and icy conditions.

That means exercise can be limited or restricted. One great way of getting around that is to use either a treadmill, exercise bike or stepper. The advantage of using a stepper is that it is easier to set up. move around and store away. I have listed below some of the benefits of using a stepper.

Benefits of Using a Stepper Machine

  • It quickly helps you to burn calories and also burn fat
  • They help improve overall fitness levels and increase your endurance
  • They help improve cardiovascular health
  • They are super for improving the lower torso toning of muscles
  • They are an affordable way of allowing you to exercise in the privacy of your own home
  • They do not take up much space and are easy to store
  • They help improve balance and stability
  • Good for people of all ages and levels of fitness

Steppers with Resistance Bands

Now one thing a stepper machine does not do is allow you to do an upper body workout. These machines are made to work out the lower torso. A simple, effective and affordable way of exercising the upper body is to add a set of rubber resistance bands to the stepper. When these are combined together then you can work every muscle in your body and they make this simple stepping machine twice as good. Resistance bands are also very cheap to buy. Many steppers now come with these built into them.

Many of the steppers now come with what are called "training ropes" or "bungee arm cords." These are in effect a type of resistance band and help give a good overall body workout.

Please be aware that these machines are affordable for most people. You can get a very good basic one for around £30-40. If you want something at the higher end with all the bells and whistles, then you can get those too. Just be aware that for those you can pay anything between £100-250. Below I have done a quick buying guide for stepper machines and underneath I have picked out 3 of the best currently available on the UK market.

Storing Your Stepper Machine

One of the biggest problems with any piece of fitness equipment is being able to store it away. These are for items like cross trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machine etc. With a stepper you really do not have to worry about that problem. These are compact and light and easy to put away.

Even the larger stepper and climber combinations have been made so as they can be stored away quickly and easily.

Stepper Machine Price Points

Always consider your budget and how much you want to spend. If this is just for general exercise there is no need to break the bank. At the lower end these cost around £45-50 for a basic machine that will suit most people.

If you want something with more options then you will need to stretch your budget to around £100-120.

Different Types of Stepper Machines

There are a few slightly different types available:

  • Up- Down steppers - As the name would suggest these simply have an up/down movement
  • Twist Stepper - These have an up/down movement and also a small twisting movement that helps tone the bottom
  • Side Steppers - These as the name would suggest move from side to side and are particularly good for exercising the waist and bottom
  • Stepper/Climber - These are for the more ambitious fitness workout. They offer a more high intensity option
  • With Cords/Ropes - This is where some form of rope or cord is added to the stepper that allows for a full body workout. The alternative to this is to use a resistance loop band along with an up/down stepper.

Other Features of a Stepper Machine

Almost every stepper machine has some form of LCD monitor or display. This can be very useful and will show important measurements. Most people don't actually use these though, as they simply use the machine for a set period of time like 15 minutes, 30 minutes etc.

Noise Levels - This may sound like a silly thing but it isn't believe me. I have had a couple in the past that make a very annoying noise which gets worse over time. It can get to the point where you want to throw them out the window. Make sure that whichever one you buy does not have that type of problem.

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