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Updated April 2022

In this article, we investigate, review and recommend, what we believe to be the best treadmills for walkers. So many people in the UK, have turned to walking, as an excellent method of keeping fit and healthy. Apart from the obvious benefits of the actual exercise itself, it is also great just to get out and about in the fresh air.

Walking is not only good for the body, but also for the mind and the soul. It is certainly a great way of relieving the stress of the day. As much as I like to get out into the fresh air, there are times when that is either not possible, or it could simply be that people prefer to do their walking, in the complete privacy of their own home.

Office Fitness Walking Treadmill Electric Motorized Treadmill for Home or Office

Who Would Buy a Treadmill for Walking?

There are as we mentioned above, a number of different reasons, why people may choose to do their walking at home. We have listed some of these below:

  • Those who enjoy walking, but want to avoid the harsher weather
  • Those who want to walk to keep fit, but simply prefer their privacy
  • People recovering from an injury, or an operation, who are not just ready to venture outdoors
  • Those who want to be able to exercise at home, when they can choose the time and place
  • Those who perhaps don't feel safe out walking alone
  • Those people who are conscious of others staring at them when out on the road

As you can see from the above, there are many different types of people, who would genuinely consider purchasing a simple treadmill, to use in their home. Just below I have listed the top 5 rated treadmills, that we believe are best suited for walkers.

The beauty about buying one, designed for just walking, is that the treadmill simply needs to be good quality, but basic and functional. As a result, these are normally less expensive, that those designed for runners.

Underneath we have listed the top 5, and then completed a summary review, underneath the table on each of the individual walking style treadmills. In each summary, I have also included a link to a more detailed review.

Underneath all of those reviews, we have also included a simple buyer's guide for the important features to look for, when specifically buying a treadmill for walking indoors.

Top 3 Treadmills for Walkers

Our Top 3 Treadmill Picks



Reebok Jet 100 Series Bluetooth Treadmill

This treadmill has an air motion cushioning system built into the running deck that reduces the impact of your foot strike across multiple air-filled pockets for a more comfortable walking experience.

This treadmill console can deliver up to 24 varied fitness programs designed by Reebok master trainers to take you from a gentle walk or jog to a mountainous hill climb.

You can plug your mobile phone into the integrated speakers and play your favourite music and ih also has a cooling fan.

This Reebok model has a 10-Year motor, lifetime frame, 2-year parts and labour warranty as standard.

This gets a 90% buyer satisfaction rating based on 100+ online buyer reviews



CITYSPORTS Folding Motorised Treadmill

This is classed as a mini Tread as it lies flat under a standing desk, providing you with the best in office and home fitness.. This simple treadmill is a folding walking machine that fits easily under furniture while not in use. 
It measures at 147 cm x 59 cm x 15 cm, and has a total ground clearance of 15 cm, and can hold up to 100 kg.
You can choose your speed between 1 and 6 km per hour and start improving your cardiovascular fitness.

The LED display shows time, speed, calories burned and distance. It is perfect for office and home. The low-noise motor and belt ensures you can exercise, without disturbing your family.

This gets a 90% buyer satisfaction rating based on 100+ online buyer reviews



JLL T350 Digital Folding Treadmill

This treadmill has speed ranges from 0.3 km/h to 18 km/h. There are also incline ranges from 0 to 20 levels

The LCD monitor displays time, speed, distance, heart-rate and calories

You can walk on this one, but it also has 20 running programs.

It comes with speakers and is b Bluetooth enabled with iPod, iPhone, MP3 connectivity and USB interface.

The deck has a 16-point cushion deck absorption system. It folds up and has built-in wheels
The maximum user weight is 120 kg or 18.89 stone
2 years parts and labour, 5 years motor cover and a lifetime guarantee on the frame.

This gets a 90% buyer satisfaction rating based on 100+ online buyer reviews

Treadmill for Walkers Buying Guide

Our advice is not to go crazy spending a lot of money on an expensive treadmill. It is much better to consider the very important features. After that, pick those that you think you will need, and just make sure that your chosen treadmill, ticks all of those boxes. Below I have listed all of the important features for walkers.

Just for Walking or Walking and Jogging?

For many buyers, this is for me the most important consideration. Will the treadmill only be used for walking, or do you want one, where you have the choice to walk, jog or even run. If it is to be able to do walking and running, then don't buy a treadmill that is designed exclusively for walking. It would be better to buy one designed for running, and then use it to walk. Check our 10 list of treadmills here.

Likewise, if you are thinking about buying a treadmill for the family, a partner etc then consider all the potential activities it could be used for.

Walking Surface (Mat)

When walking on a treadmill, the width and length of the walking area is not as important, as it would be for runners. When running much bigger strides are taken, and the running gait means hat the feet will need some extra width. When walking that is not really the case.

You just need to make sure that it is long enough for a normal stride, and all of them are. If you have an exceptionally long stride, it is still worth checking though, to make sure the walking or running deck is sufficiently long.

Cushioned Deck

Likewise with the deck, also known as the area on which you will walk or run, is it important for you to have that cushioned. Anyone who suffers from painful joints, especially the knees and ankles, should give this feature, a lot of consideration.

Need an Incline?

Many home walkers will be happy enough to walk on the flat surface of the running deck. Others may want the tougher challenge of walking up a slope. This is often referred to as an incline. With the more advanced treadmills, you can get this feature, and it will offer a set of different inclines.

With some of the more basic models, this is done by manually bending down, and setting up the degree of slope. On the more expensive models, this is achieved electronically..

Measuring Your Success

Almost any treadmill these days, has included as standard, the basic measuring functions. That will include time, distance, calories burned, heart rate etc. For most people that should be enough. If you want added luxuries like a water bottle holder, music, programs for workouts, then they are available, but they will put the price up..

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