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Best Weighted Vest UK Reviews

number 1 rated weighted exercise vest

In this article we will be reviewing the best weighted vests, that are currently available on the UK marketplace. Over the past few years, they have become a very popular choice, for those who want to get a thorough workout.

If you own, and use a vest of this type, there are two key benefits. Simply by wearing it, there is a passive benefit from that. However, if you also want to increase the intensity of your workout, then these are also an excellent addition, to your workout.

People use them to improve fat burning, lose calories faster and to increase their strength and endurance. The best way of describing the main purpose of these, is that they can be used to intensify any work out. They achieve that by creating an additional resistance during any type of muscle building exercise.

These will include most types of body-weight exercises, and heart-pumping cardio activity based exercise. By wearing one of these, you will expend more energy to achieve your fitness goals.

Top 10 Rated Weighted Vests in the UK Market

In this review section, we have written summary reviews of the highest buyer rated vests, that are currently available. We have placed those in that order just below.

Our Best Weighted Vest Recommendations

number 1 rated weighted exercise vest

No.1 CHOICE- We R Sports Adjustable Weighted Weight Vest 

The first two positions on our top 10 list are held by the brand "We R Sports". This vest is actually the same one, as the second on our list.

The main difference is that, as the name would suggest, this is a limited edition.

This vest can be used for all types of exercising. It is a one size fits all, does not absorb sweat and has ultra soft padding. Please note that weights can be added or removed from their selected sleeves. That puts you in charge of which weight you prefer either 10, 15 or 20 Kg limit depending on which you buy.

People wear this one when walking, running or for general exercise. All buyers said that this vest was comfortable to wear, and very easy to adjust. A summary of their ratings is shown below

number 2 rated weighted exercise vest

No.2 CHOICE- We R SportsTM XTR Weight Vest Adjustable Weighted Vest

This weighted vest is the biggest seller, and is available in a range of weights 5,10,15,20,30 Kg. Again this is a one size vest that fits all, as it is easy to adjust. It is made with very soft padding and comes with a 1 year warranty. The weights are made up of small sandbags.

​It fits well and buyers say that it also stays in place, when exercising. It seems to be a very popular choice for those who walk a lot, and want a little extra resistance, and to build up the strength in their legs. See the summary of how actual buyers rated this vest below.

number 3 rated weighted exercise vest

No.3 CHOICE- Evinco 5kg Neoprene Weighted Vest

This vest is quite different to those above. It is a 5 Kg only vest and made from a soft Neoprene material for extra comfort. There is an adjustable strap, with a quick release buckle. It also has a phone holder built in which closes using Velcro. There is also a mesh fabric at the rear, that will stop you from sweating.

This one seems to be popular with those who like to run and also do strength training. Many ladies also pick this as a vest. Please see our summary of buyer reviews below. We will update if anything changes, but this is a new release to the UK market.

No.4 CHOICE- Powerfly Pro Fitness Weighted Vest for Weight Loss Running Training Gym

This weighted vest is available in either 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg sizes. It will suit either men or women and is easy to adjust. The weights are secured so no risk of them falling out. It has a really nice padded design which looks good, and of course adds a considerable measure of comfort.

The vest is made from nylon. It uses long body straps to keep it in place. Summary of buyer ratings shown below.

number 5 rated weighted exercise vest

No.5 CHOICE- Surreal Adjustable Weighted Vest 5/10/15/20/30KG for Weight Loss Running Training Gym

Coming in at number 5 on our top 10 list, this one is also available in a range of sizes. Always remember that should you buy the heaviest size, you can remove weights to suit what you want to do. The heavier sizes are always more expensive to buy, but then you do have more choices of weight carrying.

Those who bought this one did so for running or used when lifting weights in the gym or at home. It is comfortable and uses velcro fastening to open and close.

number 6 rated weighted exercise vest

No.6 CHOICE- Fitness Weighted Vest, Power vest, Weight Vest - Weight Loss, Running, Training, Gym

This is a nice looking weighted vest from the brand Koolock. It is a 5 Kg only vest in a sharp blue colour, as you can see from the image. This vest is ideal for either men or women, and is adjustable using a belt, which clicks together at the centre. That belt is easy to adjust.

It also has a mesh pocket. that will hold keys, change and a phone for handiness.

number 6 rated weighted exercise vest

No.7 CHOICE- JLL® Weight Vest - Adjustable Weighted Vest Weight Loss Running Gym Training Crossfit

Another vest from the JLL brand, that you can buy in different sizes. 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg are all available. Please note that you can remove weights depending on which size that you buy. This one is machine washable (please remove weights). It is padded for comfort, and has an adjustable fit with double Velcro fastening.

This one is popular due mainly to the price and consistently good reviews. People appear to use this one for various types of gym workouts.

number 8 rated weighted exercise vest

No.8 CHOICE- Viavito Weighted Vest - Black/Red

The Viavito seems to be a popular choice for both cyclists and joggers. That is probably down to the high visibility reflective strips. This is a 5 Kg weighted vest only. One size fits all and very easy to adjust for your body type and comfort.

There is a mesh back pocket that will hold a water bottle etc. Please note this is not a long weighted vest, and stops about half way down the upper torso.

number 8 rated weighted exercise vest

No.9 CHOICE- BodyRip Deluxe Weight Vest

A very unique looking body vest from Bodyrip. Please note this is a 10 Kg weighted vest only. It is a one size fits all and you can take out weights to help make it lighter. The weights have a nice even distribution, and there is a gel foam, that makes it very comfortable around the shoulders.

The lining id also fully padded, and the vest closes with elasticated straps. People use this for general exercising like sit-ups, pull-ups and press-ups.

number 10 rated weighted exercise vest

No.10 CHOICE- Bodyrip Deluxe Weighted Weight Vest

And last on our list is another vest from the JLL brand. This is a 15 Kg option only. It is similar to the one we described earlier from JLL, at number 7 on our list. Thers is a gel foam padding for comfort, and it is fully adjustable. There is a nice range of weight distribution.

Most Important Features to Consider When Picking  the Best Weighted Vest

These are, in their most basic form, heavy vests, that are worn on the upper part of the body. The principle behind them is that you are increasing the weight of your body, to make it work harder. (It is an absolute joy when you take it off, after exercising). The vest themselves come in different types, but they all follow the same principle, of increasing the resistance.

The majority of these weighted vests are designed with pockets. Into those weights are inserted. Those weights can be sand bags, heavy metal rods and even heavy weighted padding. The emphasis though is simply about increasing the upper body weight, and making you work harder.

In days gone past, this was often done, quite literally by carrying someone on your back, while walking and running. Believe it or not, that still happens today. That is not a good form of exercise though as it stresses the back and arms far too much.  The weighted vest ensures that the weight, is spread across all of the upper body. As such that prevents any risk of injury, and avoids setting up points of stress.

​Weight vests allow their users to perform a broad range of exercises. These include walking, jogging, rope-jumping, bike riding, core strengthening, weight training and crossfit. Almost any exercise can be improved, by wearing one of these.

Adjusting Straps

When you put your vest on, then clearly there needs to be some method of making it fit neatly, and comfortably. We all come in different shapes and sizes. The way most manufacturers of weighted vest do this is as follows.

Most of them use an adjustable strap that sticks to itself using Velcro. Other have a more solid belt and buckle, like you would see on backpacks. Personally I prefer the buckle style as it is more secure.

Ensuring a good fit is very important, especially where there is going to be a lot of movement. Jogging is a good example of what I mean. You do not want this vest sliding, moving or irritating the skin.

Variable Weights

You can buy these weighted vests in different weight sizes. These range from 5 Kg to 30 Kg. Even with the lighter weighted vests, you can still remove weights and get it down to what you want. Your choice will really depend on what your planned exercise is going to be.

Many users will buy a 30 Kg weighted vest, but perhaps start of using only 5 Kg of that weight. As their body strength increases, then they add more weight until it reaches a satisfaction level, or the maximum weight. This is however only possible if you go with the heaviest weight when buying.

Other buyers simply want a short vest with a little weight. Cyclists seem to prefer that.

Padding & Comfort

weighted vest padding and comfort

Benefits of Using a Weighted Vest

Just below we have listed the key benefits of using and exercising in a weighted vest.

Increasing Strength Capacity

One of the primary benefits of wearing a weighted vest, is all about adding strength to the muscles. In essence, your brain gets tricked into believing, that you are in effect carrying extra weight. As such, it begins to work harder to help support that weight.

As a result your body becomes more efficient and therefore fitter. In addition, simply because you are carrying extra weight, the muscles need to develop, to carry that and as such become stronger over time. As you move up the amount of weights, then that strength will also increase.

Improved Muscle Toning

Many people use then when walking, jogging, cycling and also for general exercise workouts.  Any of these exercise activities, will help naturally tone the body muscles. With the added weight, this toning is intensified. Below I have included a video on using a weighted vest, for a good leg workout and toning.

30 Weighted Vest Workout Movements

We found a very good video on YouTube that includes 30 different workouts that you can do with your vest. These include squats, lunges, pull-ups, sit-ups, kicks etc.

Walking with a Vest

There are many people who simply can not jog or run for a whole variety of reasons. They do however still want to try and keep fit and healthy. Walking is a great way of doing that. If they then want to take that walking to the next level, a weighted vest is a very good way of doing that.

Vests can be hidden under clothing, and yet they make the walk a lot tougher. The net value though is that they will help you burn fat, lose weight faster, increase the cardio and also really tone and strengthen the leg muscles.

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weighted ankle weights

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weighted workout gloves

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