Is Your Body Craving Exercise 

Updated April 2022

There are always some tell tale signs, that your body is starting to crave some exercise. These are all to easy to ignore, especially if you are feeling a little bit lazy.

However, if you are in tune with your body, this article will help yo pick up on those subtle signs that it needs some exercising, or a little workout. Here are five of the more common ones.

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5 Signs That Your Body is Craving Exercise

Craving Sign 1 - Weight Gain

Most people know, though often ignore, that exercising helps burn off excess calories. The opposite then applies, that if we are half hearted about it, or just don’t bother at all, We will notice the pounds slipping on.

That is especially true if we don’t adjust our eating habit, and also stop exercising at the same time. One way of dealing with the problem is to be aware that if we eat the same, and then stop exercising, you will gain weight.

So as you know losing weight is nothing more than a simple number's game. 80% of weight loss is controlled by the quantity and types of food we eat, but the remaining 20% comes from exercising. 

Craving Sign 2 - Apathy

If you feel constantly tired, lack lustre or simply drained, then it is all to easy to quickly gain weight. Now there can be many reasons why we may feel that way. However the fact that we feel lethargic, should serve as some kind of warning sign, and should help us think about exercising.

The reality is that, doing any form of exercise, is probably the last thing we want to do, if we have that lethargic feeling. Just be aware of it though, and if possible, try to go for a run or even a brisk walk.

Craving 3 - Out of Breath Easier and Faster

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This is probably the easiest craving to notice. When climbing a set of stairs starts to leave you breathless, then that is your body telling you, something is not as it should be.

Exercising helps increase both the heart and breathing rates. However as soon as we stop doing that, then certain health conditions can start developing. Out of all the body cravings, this is the one that I would pay the most attention to. Your body is physically telling you, that it is time to do something with regards to exercising.

Craving 4 - Lack of Sleep or No Sleep

It is a proven and documented fact, that regular physical activity not only helps you fall asleep quicker, but you tend to stay asleep for longer. You also get a much better quality of sleep.

So if you start to realise that you are not sleeping as well, as you did when  you were exercising, then it is probably time to get to the gym regularly. This is simply your body’s way of telling you it is time to start again.

Craving 5 - You Feel More Stressed

Stress is for me, one of those horrid sneaky things that can creep up on us, quite often without us realising that is happening.

Exercise is known to be a great stress reducer. Something as simple as a round of golf, can quickly remove stress.

All other things considered, if nothing has changed to add more stress in your life, then be aware of this. If your anxiety has increased more than when you were regularly exercising, your mind is telling you to start exercising once again.

The worst forms of stress can also be the root cause of some of the other problems you may be experiencing.

It could be down to a lack of exercise, or weight gain and/or insomnia. Combined those can cause a whole range of other chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.

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Listen To Your Body

The risk for all of these cravings and conditions outlined above, can be lowered just by doing some exercise. It doesn't matter if that is at home on the treadmill, rowing machine, or by a weekly visit to the gym

One things is certain you can let the stress drain away from your body while working out.

If you start to experience any of these five signs, try your very best to get back into the exercise habit.

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