Body Sculpture Aero Gym with DVD Review 

Updated April 2022

The Body Sculpture Aero Gym is an inexpensive basic home gym. Priced at under £75, this allows users to have a decent workout at home. It is ideal for beginners.  This gym came out at number seven on our list of top 10 home gyms, that are currently available on the UK market place.

To date, and as of the time of writing this review, the average buyer  satisfaction rating for this gym is 92%. You can see this up close, in the image directly below.

Body Sculpture Aero Gym with DVD

As you can see from the image above, there is no weight stack with this one. Resistance comes from the straps near the top of the bench seat, that attach to bungee style straps at the rear. This is not a gym for people who want to do weight or strength training. It will work well for beginners, or for anyone who wants to tone up their muscles and body shape.

What Do You Get Body Sculpture Aero Gym?

At this low price, it is as you can imagine a very basic setup. There are no weights with this one at all. It is essentially a solid frame, with a seat, a comfortable bench/seat that will allow you to exercise, the arms, shoulders, chest, back, lats and abs.

It uses a bungee rope style to create the resistance, and this can be adjusted. You also have the alternative to simply use this basic set up, and then use a set of dumbbells, or a free standing set of weights, to further complement this Aero Gym.

Body Sculpture Aero Gym Specification

  • Measures 132 x 85.5 x 135 cm 
  • Weighs just 17 Kg
  • Has a 12 minute instructional DVD which is really useful
  • The bench is comfortable and can be adjusted, inclined or declined or simply laid flat
  • You can also simply sit on the bench, and use it like any other type of weight bench, with dumbbells or weight stack, that you might own or want to buy
  • Folds away when you have finished for easy storage.

How Do Buyers Rate the Body Sculpture Aero Gym?

You always get the best feedback from real life buyers. These are people who have bought the product, used it, and then taken the time to leave a review. When we do our research we check at the major online stores, and read those reviews very carefully.

We then summarise those to make it easier to understand the general feedback. That includes all feedback both good and bad. Overall buyers rated this purchase with a 92% satisfaction rating. So as long as you fully understand that this is simply a basic gym, then buyers seem happy to pay the money for this product.

Body Sculpture Aero Gym with DVD

Overall this is an excellent rating, and it is hard to find any real complaints about this one. A couple of buyers said the resistance was too low, but if you are looking for a higher specification, for resistance levels, you really do need to spend quite a lot more money.

The resistance on this one is adjusted by using one of the 3 holes at the back of the gym. The clips on the straps latch into those to change the tightness of the cord. The straps do look built to last, but this is a very basic form of resistance.

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How Much Space Will It Take Up?

Before making any purchase, always be certain that the gym will fit in the area, where you are going to locate it. This gym does not take up a lot of room. When folded up, it takes up even less.

The folded dimensions are L122 cm x W54 cm x H41 cm

Main Review of the Body Sculpture Aero Gym 

Despite this being a basic gym, the instructions for setup, are actually really bad. If you are patient though, you can achieve this, despite the instructions. If you take your time, you will be able to put it together in about 30 minutes.

It is good that you have some resistance, as that makes it ideal for basic toning.

This gym would be useless on its own for strength training, or for body building. When used with other products though, it will work as a good enough gym station. Personally if I bought this one, I would use my 20 Kg dumbbells, and I would probably also buy a cheap set of weights.

Body Sculpture Aero Gym

The frame is well made and it is solid. Buyers repeat over and over again, that the bench is extremely comfortable, and looks to be very well made.

Verdict on the Body Sculpture Aero Gym

At well under £100, this is a good beginner set. It is probably most ideal for people who are not sure, if a home gym is really for them. It doesn't cost a fortune, and also allows you to try out if you can stick to a home gym routine.

If you can, the dumbbells are cheap enough, so you could start using them along with this basic set up. If that went well, you could then consider a set of free standing weights.

We would summarise this, the way many buyers do, as it is a very good product, that does the basics very well indeed.  If this is not the one for you, then check out our full list of home gym reviews, by clicking here.

In our opinion, the Body Sculpture Aero gym, is good enough for toning and light workouts. It can be more useful if you add other bits and pieces to it, as your strength increases.

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