Bodymax R50 Rowing Machine Review 

Updated April 2022

In this article we will be reviewing the affordable Bodymax R50 Rowing Machine. This is classed as a good basic rowing machine, that is easy to fold up and store away. This one uses an elastic rope system, and has 4 levels of resistance. It is very easy to assemble, and even easier to use.

Please note this is no longer available on the UK market. We recommend checking our other rowing machine reviews just below.

At this price of around £130, this rowing machine is classed as a budget, or entry level machine. The resistance method is also a basic one, but will nevertheless give a good enough workout, for those who want to find out if a rowing machine is really for them.

This type of machine works fine for those who are trying to lose weight, or increase their basic fitness level. This model would not be suitable for the more serious rower, or someone looking to do a heavier workout. Please note it has a maximum user weight of 100 Kg (220 lbs or 15 stones and 10 lbs)

BodyMax R50 Review Summary

Bodymax R50 Rowing Machine
  • Elasticated resistance system
  • Has a console with time, scan, stroke count and calories burned
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Weighs 17 Kg
  • Measures 172 cm long, 44 cm wide and 53 cm deep

What the Buyers Liked & Disliked about the Bodymax R50

It is obvious from the summary of the buyer reviews above, that this gets mixed reviews. We certainly do not like the 13% of 1 star reviews, as that is simply just too high. That said around half of all buyers give this a 5 star review. Those who did that, simply wanted a basic machine, and their expectations were not that high

In the main all of those who gave a lower review, did so because of one main thing. That was down to the resistance system that this machine uses.

This does not have a flywheel or any type of magnetic resistance. It is little more than an elastic rope. As such, although it helps create the semblance of a rowing action , it tends to be a bit jerky and quite strange to get used to. Buyers also stated that the resistance level is simply too low.

That is a pity as the machine is well enough made. The reason this elastic system is used is to keep the price low. The other features such as being easy to fold away and store, and the monitor were all adequate. Beginners really do seem to like this machine due to its ease of use.

Our Verdict on the Bodymax R50 Rowing Machine

This is not a rowing machine that we would recommend for most people. If you want to try a rowing machine out, then we think you would be better asking someone who has one, to try it out. If you are in a gym, it would also be worthwhile having a look at those.

Those who rated this as a 5 star product (around half of them) likes it as it was easy to set up, and gave them exactly what they wanted. That is a simple entry level, non-complicated rowing style workout. If that is what you are after, then this one does that, but no more.

Honestly we think your money could be better spent. Even if you have to spend a little extra, we think it would be worth doing that. Check out our top 10 list of rowing machines here.

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