Bulk Powders Pure Whey Protein Review 

Updated April 2022

Bulk Powders Pure Whey Protein Pouch Review

Colchester based Bulk Powders has been delivering high quality sports nutrition’s at the lowest possible prices for their customers for ten years now.

One of Bulk Powders stand out performs during this time has been their highly regarded Whey Protein Pouch which is one of the best budget whey protein powders available in the UK.

In fact this product has a well established reputation for being “Europe’s best value for money protein powder”.

Who Is This Pure Whey Protein For?

Pure Whey Protein by Bulk Powders is not overly specialised to any specific type of athlete. Making it ideal for all physically active individuals who are looking to meet their daily protein requirements as well as maximise muscle recovery and growth after training.

Therefore, whether you are an elite athlete, cross-fit fanatic or just a recreational gym goer this product is an ideal addition to your daily nutrition plan.

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Bulk Powders Pure Whey Key Features

Fast absorbing high quality protein

Firstly this product has an incredible amino acid profile, each serving of unflavoured Pure Whey Protein contains a whopping 82% and no I’m not making this up. Its pretty incredible.

This product is also rich in BCAAs (5.3g) and Glutamine (4.2g) which actually rivals the concentration provided in many of the market leading brands product ranges.

Also as this product is comprised of whey protein it rapidly absorbs to your muscles maximising your recovery after workouts as well as lean muscle mass growth.

Additionally each serving is also low in all the things you don’t want like fats, sugars and carbohydrates making the product only 122 calories per scoop.

No bad at all, for a budget protein powder.

Easily Traced Protein Source

This may not be at the front of every customers mind when buying a protein supplement. However, I personally like to know what the product I am buying has been sourced from before I put it inside my body.

Unlike many other sports nutrition brands Bulk Powders makes it super easy to track where their products come from. This particular product has been sourced from the milk of grass fed cows that live free and happy lives grazing across the fresh pastures of Europe. It is also assured that these cows are free of nasty growth hormones and have not been genetically modified (GM Free) unlike many other suppliers sources.

Ultimately, giving you peace of mind that you are not putting anything you shouldn’t into your body.

The product is also gluten free making it suitable for anyone who has gluten intolerance.

How Buyers Rate the Bulk Powders

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Online buyers overall gave this an 88% buyer satisfaction rating
  • 66% of those buyers gave this a full 5 star review
  • Only 4% of all online buyers gave this a bad review

This is based on over 6,000 online buyer reviews

What Buyers Said About These Bulk Powders

We now how buyers rated these powders, but what else did they say about them. Let's have a look.

What Buyers Liked - Pros

Does what it says on the packet

This product often met and exceeded customers’ expectations according to the information provided in the Amazon customer reviews section. Which was surprising considering just how cheap the product is.

Customers typically found that taking this product greatly improved their muscle recovery and growth as they experienced far less muscular discomfort after training days. Most notably one customer said before using this product he regularly experienced several days of muscle pain after training his chest. However, using this protein powder immediately after training has greatly improved his muscle recovery and he no longer experiences experience such muscular discomfort.

I can also testify to the fact that using a whey protein within 30 minutes of training a major muscle group greatly improves muscle recovery. Ultimately, helping you get on with your day without having to worry if it is going to hurt to walk up the stairs tomorrow.


Bulk powders Pure Whey pouch comes in twenty flavours. That’s right, TWENTY. There are very few brands that offer such flavour diversity. However, Bulk Powders seem to strive to provide products that appeals to almost everyone.

With so many flavour variations of this product unsurprisingly taste was one of the things that customers loved about the product.

The majority of flavours where well received however their where a couple that customers where not found of – which I will address in the next section of this review.

The most popular flavours which were regularly likened to a “McDonalds milkshake” where vanilla, chocolate cookies and banana.


The problem with  many cheap whey protein powders is that they are often difficult to mix and often form lumpy horrible shakes that are difficult to drink.

Admittedly, before doing this review I assumed that this would be the pure whey pouches downfall.

However, I am happy to say that customers reported that they were extremely pleased with the overall mixability and consistency of this product. Bulk Powders pure whey mixes seamlessly into both water and milk forming a very smooth protein shake that goes down very easily.

The product also mixes consistently regardless of the apparatus used, so it can be mixed simply using a fork in a glass or by using a standard protein shaker making it easy to make quickly on the go.

What Buyers Didn't Like - Cons

Some flavours are “sickeningly sweet”

As previously addressed this the majority of flavours of this product where very well received by customers. However, there was some stand out flavours that customers absolutely hated!

Raspberry flavour was described as sickeningly sweet and customers did not believe the white chocolate flavour actually tasted like white chocolate. So if you want to purchase this product it’s probably best you avoid these particular flavours.

Also from my own personal experience of buying and trying protein powders I have found that if you pick either a chocolate or banana flavoured protein powder you will very rarely be disappoint.

Our Verdict on These Bulk Powders

Admittedly before reviewing this product we were almost certain that it was too good to be true as we have found from our own experiences that cheaper protein brands tend to under perform when compared with market leading brands like Optimum Nutrition and USN.

However, we must admit we were wrong.

Therefore,we can conclude that Bulk powders Pure Whey is not just great value for money, it is also a fantastic product with an amino acid profile that rivals the majority of market leading sports nutrition brands products.

We would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for an affordable whey protein that produces reliable results.

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