How Many Calories Can You Burn on a Treadmill 

Updated April 2022

One commonly asked question on fitness, is "How many calories, can you burn on a treadmill?" You can burn 300 calories running on a treadmill at 6 mph. A treadmill is of course a very popular choice for home fitness equipment. It is used by walkers, runners and for people trying to keep fit.

You can do all of this in the comfort of your own home, and that makes it very popular with people trying to regain fitness, or lose a bit of weight. Rather than be seen out on the road, they can do their work in the privacy of their own home. 

It is also a popular choice for those who want to use some exercise equipment, and then put it away after use. That stops it from cluttering up the home.

Burning Calories and Weight Loss

Without any doubt, one of the most popular reasons people buy a treadmill, is to shed a few pounds. The only way to do that with success, is to eat a better diet, and also do some exercise. A treadmill is a good choice for doing that. Here is a table that will give you some average figures for the number of calories that you can burn off.

Please be aware that this table is simply an average guide. We need to look at this in more detail, to see what makes the differences in the number of calories burned.


Speed per Mile

Calories Burned

2 mph

30 minutes per mile


3 mph

20 minutes per mile


6 mph

10 minutes per mile


8 mph

7.5 minutes per mile


So the big question is HOW MANY CALORIES?

That depends on two things:

  1. Your existing weight
  2. The speed you can walk or run, and length of time you spend on the treadmill

When trying to lose some weight, the starting weight is important. There is an old saying, which is quite true, the heavier you are, the faster you can lose a lot of weight. Quite often trying to shift a few pounds can be much harder, than losing a lot of weight in the early days.

So, with that understanding, the only two things left to consider are, how quickly you are willing to, or capable of moving on a treadmill. The other consideration is how long are you willing to, or capable of spending on the running board?

Understanding Speed on a Treadmill

I am going to state the obvious here, but it is a point worth making. Walking for 20 minutes on a treadmill will help burn off some calories. Running on a treadmill for 20 minutes will burn off a great deal more. It also depends at what speed you can run at. In the table above I have shown the big difference that speed can make.

Let's go over the numbers beside these observations, and we can see what they mean for your calories burning opportunity.

  • Running (Walking) for 20 minutes at 2 mph will burn about 30-35 calories
  • Running for 20 minutes at around 4 mph will burn about 125  calories
  • Running for 20 minutes at around 6 mph will burn 230 calories
  • Running for 20 minutes at around 8 mph will burn 300 calories

So as you can see from this, the speed that you run at makes a big difference in the number of calories that you can lose. Most people can walk a mile in about 20 minutes. That does of course depend on the age of a person and how fit and healthy they are. When fit you can walk at around 4 mph, so each mile covered will take you about 4 minutes.

A point worth noting though is that any type of exercise using a treadmill, will help you burn some calories. There is nothing wrong with starting off slow, and working your way up to faster speeds.

ladies jogging

Length of Time Spent on the Treadmill for Calories Burning

We now know that speed is important. In addition to that, if you can spend longer on a treadmill, then you will also burn more calories. That can take different forms of course. Some people exercise once a day and others will perhaps exercise 2-3 times a day. The more times you get on the treadmill, the more fat you will burn.

Likewise, for individual sessions, if you do 10 minutes you will burn calories, but 20 minutes or more and you will burn a great deal more.

How to Burn Lots of Calories on a Treadmill

If you really want to burn a lot of calories, then you should use the incline or slope option on a treadmill. This is like running uphill. As we all know that is a great deal tougher, but it really does take calories burning to a whole new level.

As we know from the above information a person running at 3 mph can burn off around 125 calories, when running on the flat for 30 minutes. When doing the same with a 5% incline that moves up to 265 and on a 10% incline the calories burned moves to 295.

As you can see that is a significant difference. So if you want to use your treadmill for some serious fat burning, or calorie loss, then make sure that you buy one with incline options. The video below shows you how to lose calories fast on a treadmill.

As well as burning calories and burning fat, we have written an article on the other benefits of doing this with a better diet. Having some form of exercise and a healthier eating plan, work really well together to help people lose weight. 

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