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Best Budget Rowing Machine Reviews

Best Budget Rowing Machine ReviewsIn this article we show you the best budget priced rowing machines that are available on the UK market right now. We know that rowing is a great all round body exercise, but the actual machines to do that activity, can be very expensive. Rowing is widely recognised as one of the […]

Home Exercise vs Gym Membership

Why Home Exercise Equipment is Better Than a Gym MembershipIn this article we are going to take a look at why we think home exercise  is better than paying a gym membership every year. There is a case for both options, but we think working out at home is the better option. Everyone buys gym memberships […]

Indoor Cycling Good For You

10 Reasons Why Indoor Cycling Is Good For You Indoor Cycling Reason 1 – Great for the Leg Muscles Most experts agree that cycling of any kind, primarily works out the leg muscles.This is of course ideal if you want to build up strength in your thighs and calves. Many other muscle groups are also […]

DKN RB-4i Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

From the creators of the very popular AM-E, the RB-4i is the newest addition to the DKN indoor cycling range. Created for maximum comfort and functionality the DKN RB-4i is the perfect training companion for individuals recovering from injury or with existing back problems. The bike comes fitted with an advanced training console that is compatible […]

Benefits of Indoor Rowing

Top 10 Benefits of Indoor Rowing and Why You Should Consider It? With so many pieces of home equipment available, why should you consider indoor rowing as an option? After all a rowing machine is just one of the many choices that you have. There are treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers and many others to […]

Rowing Machines Common Mistakes

Top 5 Rowing Machine Mistakes To Avoid We understand the excitement of getting your own piece of fitness equipment, especially a rowing machine, and you simply want to get started. It is certainly the case when you open the box of your first rowing machine, and see it for the first time. Most people simply […]

Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike Review

Kettler is a leading UK based sports equipment manufacturer that has been producing high-quality exercise equipment for over 30 years. The Worcestershire based organisation prides itself on its innovative product portfolios. This includes several top of the range indoor exercise bikes.The Unisex Remo Exercise Bike is one of Kettler’s newest upright exercise bike creations. This […]

JLL® Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150 Review

JLL’S Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150 has been designed to provide a simple, low impact workout experience at an entry level price point. This features everything you would expect as well as a few added bonuses. Including an aesthetically pleasing LCD display console, adjustable magnetically generated resistance and tablet device holder.This review will discuss the […]

York Fitness Perform 210 Exercise Bike Review

York Fitness has been a market leader in cutting edge fitness equipment for over eight decades. Therefore, it should come as no surprise the companies new premium upright exercise bike model has been featured in our top upright exercise bike selections.The beautifully designed York Fitness Perform 210 comes fitted with a large 5.5-inch LCD display, […]

York Fitness Active 110 Exercise Cycle Review

The beautifully designed York Fitness Active 110 Exercise Cycle is the entry level upright cycle in the York Fitness indoor cycling range. Setting the York Fitness Active 110 apart from the basic Active 100 model is a fully adjustable saddle, a 5.75-inch LCD display console, 4 pre-set workout modes and new ergonomically designed pulse sensor […]

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