Confidence Power Trac Pro Review 

Updated April 2022

The Confidence Power Trac Pro is one of the best budget compact treadmills on the UK market. Despite its simplistic design, this treadmill comes with a number of useful features such as an LCD display console, easy fold frame and adjustable incline.

This review will expand upon these features, in addition to what buyers thought were the products key benefits and drawbacks.

Confidence Power Trac Pro Treadmill Detailed Review

Confidence Power Trac Pro Treadmill Key Features

LCD Display

The Confidence Power Trac Pro features a simple clear LCD display that shows the user's performance stats. This includes speed, time, distance and calories burned. These stats help motivate users and are an effective means of assessing post workout progress.

Additionally, the Confidence Power Trac Pro’s display console allows users to select from 12 pre-set workout programs. Allowing users to mix up their workout routine regularly to keep things fresh.

3 Manual Incline Levels

The Confidence Power Trac Pro allows users to challenge themselves with 3 levels of manual incline. This includes 5, 3.5 and 2-degree variations. Running or walking at an incline makes workouts more challenging and allows users to sculpt their hamstrings, calves and glutes.

It is worth noting that these are manual incline levels. Meaning users have to turn off the running track and physically adjust the treadmills incline level. This may be off-putting for some users who prefer power incline treadmills. In which case, we recommend checking out the XM-PROIII or Salus Sports X-lite Nex-Gen.

Easy Fold Frame

The Confidence Power Trac Pro features an ultra-light frame that weighs only 24 Kg. This frame is also incredibly compact and can be folded in two for easy storage. So, once you are finished your run you can simply fold up your treadmill and store it in a more convenient location. Perfect for users who live in small apartments where space it is at a premium.

For reference, when unfolded for use, the Confidence Power Trac Pro measures (L)125cm x (B) 61cm x (H) 120cm. When folded it is compacted into (L) 126cm x (B) 61cm x (H) 27cm.

Emergency Stop Clip

Safety is of vital importance when using any piece of fitness equipment. However, the treadmill can be particularly treacherous when running at high speed. With this in mind, Confidence has designed the Power Trac Pro with a safety clip. This clip comfortably attaches to the user's shorts or shirt. If the users should fall when attached to this cord, power is automatically cut to the running track preventing any additional injuries.

What customers loved about the Confidence Power Trac Pro


Customers loved how easy the Confidence Power Trac Pro was to fold up and store post workout. Many customers saying it fits comfortably in the back of a wardrobe or under a bed frame. This is exactly what you would expect from any high-quality compact treadmill.

Value For Money

Many first-time treadmill users believed the Confidence Power Trac Pro was exceptional value for money. Most have been using the treadmill for over a year and have never once experienced any mechanical difficulties.

However, it is worth noting, that although the Confidence Power Trac Pro is not the most expensive treadmill on the market. It still requires maintenance to ensure smooth operation. Lubricating the running track every 6 months is essential.

Simple But Effective

Many first-time buyers were incredibly pleased with how straight forward the Confidence Power Trac was to use. These were buyers who wanted to build up their fitness and confidence in the privacy of their own home before venturing outside. Therefore, they did not require the advance premium features seen in other compact treadmills. Other customers used this treadmill as a stepping stone prior to buying a premium treadmill for training.

What customers dont love about the Confidence Power Trac Pro

Top Speed

Some more experienced athletes were unhappy with the Confidence Power Trac Pro’s motor capacity. The Confidence Power Trac Pro features a 735-watt electric motor. this limits the treadmill to a top speed of 10 Km/h. Which was not fast enough to the liking of many users.

Therefore, if you are experienced athlete and serious about training intensely, we recommend a treadmill with a higher capacity motor. Something like the as the JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill that features a 4.5 HP motor with a top speed of 16 Km/h.

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