DKN RB-4i Recumbent Exercise Bike Review 

Updated April 2022

We have checked out the popular DKN RB-4i Recumbent Exercise Bike. This is from the creators of the very popular AM-E, the RB-4i and is the newest addition to the DKN indoor cycling range. Created for maximum comfort and functionality the DKN RB-4i is the perfect training companion for individuals recovering from injury or with existing back problems.

The bike comes fitted with an advanced training console that is compatible DKN iWorld & Motion apps, pulse sensor handrails and a tablet device holder.

As independent reviewers, we have analysed hundreds of reviews and comments from actual buyers. This review will discuss the bikes unique features in greater detail as well as what buyers experienced.

DKN RB-4i Recumbent Exercise Bike Detailed Review

This is a long review but we think it is important to include all the details. Let's start with the main features.

DKN RB-4i Recumbent Exercise Bike Key Features

Advanced Training Console

The DKN RB-4i comes with one of the most advanced recumbent exercise bike training consoles one the market. This console allows riders to keep track of their key performance metrics.

Namely, the Calories Burned, Distance Covered, Heart Rate, RPM (Revs Per Minute), Cycling Speed, Time passed and Watt generation. These stats help motivate the rider to push on to achieve their fitness goals, they can be used a basis to assess post-workout performance.

Additionally, this console allows riders to select from 12 pre-programmed workouts. This includes targeted time, distance, RPM, speed, calories and heart rate zones).

Android & IOS App Integration 

Another unique feature of the DKN RB-4i training console is that it can be integrated with additional applications such as DKN Motion and DKN iworld. These apps integrate seamlessly with Android and IOS devices to deliver an immersive riding experience.

DKN Motion transforms your phone or tablet device into a fitness accessory that allows riders to cycle different routes around the world.

DKN iWorld allows riders to view and cycle real-life cycling routes around the world making cycling much more interactive.

Extra Large 11 Kg Flywheel

The DKN RB-4i Recumbent Exercise Bike comes fitted with an extra-large 11 Kg flywheel that offers a wide range of adjustable resistance (32 levels).

Therefore whether you are a complete beginner to indoor cycling or an experienced athlete recovering from injury, this recumbent exercise bikes resistance can be tailored to fit your specific training needs.

Individual User Profiles 

Before purchasing a recumbent exercise bike it is worth considering who will be the bikes, primary user. Will it be solely you? Or your extended family as well?

With the DKN RB-4i Recumbent Exercise Bike, you can tailor up to 4 user profiles. This allows users to tailor their riding experience by entering their personal details such as Age, Gender and Height.

Pulse Sensor Hand Rests 

The DKN RB-4i Recumbent Exercise Bike incorporates two pulse sensor hand rests. These sensors allow riders to accurately track their heart rate while training.

This feature is useful for maintaining workout intensity while doing targeted workouts such as HIIT and Fartlek training that require targeted heart rates. Additionally, pulse rate sensors are an incredibly effective method of assessing post-workout recovery.

Padded Adjustable Seat

The DKN RB-4i has been designed specifically with comfort in mind coming fitted with a large padded seat that comfortably supports the riders lower back. This seat can be reclined to offer the most comfortable riding position possible.

Tablet Holder

To make for a more entertaining riding experience the DKN RB-4i features a tablet holder. Therefore, making it incredibly easy to get a workout done while you watch your favourite Netflix series.

Adjustable Foot Straps 

For added riding stability the DKN RB-4i comes fitted with two adjustable toe straps also know as toe cages. These adjustable straps help secure the rider's feet into position making for a most stable, comfortable riding experience.

What customers loved about the DKN RB-4i Recumbent Exercise Bike

Convenience and Entertainment Value

Many customers who purchased the DKN RB-4i loved how convenient and enjoyable the bike was to ride thanks to its built-in tablet holder.

Many customers spent many chilly winter evenings relaxing watching their favourite TV shows on the DKN RB-4i instead of facing the elements on their outdoor training bike.

Easy To Assemble

Despite being a rather heavy indoor exercise bike, the majority of users describe the DKN RB-4i’s assembly process to be fairly straightforward.

The product comes partly assembled on delivery and includes an easy to follow instruction manual. We do however recommend seeking assistance to transport the boxed product to its assembly area.

What customers dont love about the DKN RB-4i Recumbent Exercise Bike

Heavy Frame

Despite the DKN RB-4i coming fitted with built-in transport wheels, a few customers were dissatisfied with how heavy the frame of the bike was. This made the bike awkward to transport around their homes.

Therefore, if you are going to purchase the DKN RB-4i we recommend getting a friend to help you move the product safely, especially if you are recovering from injury or have back problems.

Conclusion & Rating

If this is not the right one for you then check our list of the best recumbent exercise bikes by clicking here.

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