Finding Time to Exercise

finding time to exercise

The human race is more overweight and obese that at any other time in recorded history. To demonstrate that point The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States says that 70% of Americans are either overweight or obese.

In the United Kingdom the figures are pretty similar. In fact throughout Europe, Britain is often called the "fat man" of Europe. According to "Public Health England" 65.3% of men and 58.1% of women are classed as being obese and overweight.

One of the best ways to burn off fat and maintain a healthy body weight is through exercise or any form of physical activity. Even something as simple as walking can really help a lot. We all know that in these modern times life does seem to be very busy indeed. It can actually be very hard to find time to do even the most basic exercises.

So you may not believe you have the time available for working out and getting in shape. Many of us felt like this when we started out, but there are a few ways to at least get started. I have always found that taking the first step is often the most difficult.

If you can begin practising the following tips, you will always be able to work exercise into even the busiest of daily routines.

Tip 1 – Plan Ahead - Monthly Plan

In any area of your life, planning can help you succeed, though most of us are not really that good at doing that. We basically live our lives from hour to hour and really do not plan much more than about a week ahead.

Things like work, sleep take up most of our day. We then fill the time in between with either household or social activity. So our top tip here is to write down a physical exercise plan.

However make that plan for at least 30 days in advance and you will find yourself exercising more frequently.

Tip 2 – Use the weight of your body to train

This is often known as strength training. Strength training simply uses your own body weight. That means you don't need any fitness equipment. In turn that means that exercises can be performed anywhere, and at any time.

Exercises like sit-ups and push-ups, can provide muscle building, fat burning benefits. You can easily complete body weight exercises any time you have 5 or 10 minutes to spare.

Tip 3 – Use Dumbbells

Do you own a set of dumb bells? If you don't then they may be worth a small investment. They can be used at work, at home, in the garage and even in the car. These allow you to quickly build up muscle in the arms and even in the chest. They are especially good at increasing upper body strength.

Tip 4 – Start to Prioritise Exercise


There are plenty of things in your life that you prefer to do over other activities. I like to watch TV documentaries, go for a pint, watch football and other more enjoyable things. There is therefore a natural tendency to prioritise those enjoyable actions and behaviours.

Exercising can be tough and can be hard work. However if you don't prioritise it then it will most likely be put at the bottom of a very long list.

Tip 5 – Stop Taking the Car to Work

Now I appreciate that not everyone can do this and in most cases it comes down to the type of job that you do. It really only works if you live close to your job, and also if you don't need the car to do your job. It also applies any time you only need to travel a short distance.

It's not just about work though. Any short journey that you normally take by car can be replaced by walking, by bicycle, or by running

Summary of Finding Time to Exercise

​If you know that you should exercise but just can't seem to find the time, then it is a question of taking that first step. If you don't make it a priority then it just simply will not get done. It is just like painting a wall. If you don't buy the paint and brushes, make the time to do it, then it will not get done.

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