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Updated April 2022

Is home exercise better than a gym membership?

In this article we are going to take a look at why we think home exercise  is better than paying a gym membership every year. There is a case for both options, but we think working out at home is the better option.

Everyone buys gym memberships with the best of intentions. In fact the sale of gym memberships is higher in January every year, than in any other month of the year. That is of course down to the New year, and in particular the New Year Resolutions.

With the best intentions in the world, you may well plan to go several times a week. There is of course that added incentive of taking advantage of classes or sessions with personal trainers. For some people that is important, and for beginners that might be a very key benefit of attending some type of gym or exercise class.

So when starting out at a gym, there is usually a little bit of planning, and certainly the intentions of sticking with that plan, then why do so many people stop going to the gym.

You have every intention of formulating that plan, and sticking to it. The problem is: the gym is too easy to avoid. And the reasons for avoiding it are just too good.

How Easy Is it to Avoid the Gym?

You will hear people saying that not going to the gym is just laziness. Now there may be an element of truth in that, but it is never just down to not being bothered.

Below we have included a few reasons why slipping up with a gym membership can easily happen.

  • Travelling times seem to be getting longer. and your time gets squeezed
  • Parking either before or after work can be a pain in the ass
  • The kids need driven to school or picked up after school, and they usually have some after school activities to attend, yes the taxi of Mom and Dad
  • Many gym users do tend to hog certain pieces of equipment
  • You have to get ready to go to the gym
  • There is an ongoing cost that could be spent on other things
  • Some people who attend gyms are quite obnoxious
  • A gym offers little or no privacy and that is tough especially at the beginning and when you start comparing yourself to others

To be honest there are many more problems but these are the ones we found are the most common problems.

Benefits of Exercising at Home

There are of course some drawbacks with exercising at home which we will explain below. However now we want to look at the benefits of exercising at home

  • You can grab a few minutes here and there on the treadmill while dinner's cooking.
  • You can watch and keep an eye on your kids while you work out
  • You can watch your own DVD's in the comfort of your own home and use those to work out on a treadmill, exercise bike, or elliptical trainer
  • You can listen to music you like
  • And finally when you are finished you can take a shower in the comfort of your own bathroom, with all your favourite shampoos, soaps and towels right there waiting for you.
  • In simple terms exercising at home is just a great deal more convenient

Disadvantages of Exercising at Home

There are of course some disadvantages of exercising at home. We always like to provide a sense of balance, so as our readers know everything that they should. Below we have listed the main problems with working out at home.

  • You do need to own some equipment and that does cost money
  • The hardest thing is that you have to be self motivated
  • You also need the room to exercise
  • You also need to find time to exercise

Of all of these problems, staying motivated and self disciplined is without doubt the hardest. If you are exercising on your own at home, there is no one there to hold you accountable. You decide if you want to exercise or sit on the couch.

When it comes to having room and time to exercise, we can always find a way around that. The toughest job is to make exercising a good habit. However that is a problem whether you want to exercise at home or exercise at the gym.

The reality is that you don't need a whole range of equipment to exercise at home. In fact you don't need any, but having some equipment does help give you some choices, and will make your exercise more interesting.

That is in fact why many people go to the gym, to try out all the different pieces of equipment. It is amazing though what you can do at home with say a pull up bar, an exercise ball and something like an exercise bike, treadmill or rowing machine.

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Our Conclusion

We know one thing for certain and that is any type of exercise is a good exercise and will help a lot with your overall health and well being. So by going to the gym you will certainly achieve that aim of exercising.

Likewise if you exercise at home, you also achieve that objective. The decision of home exercise versus going to the gym will always be a personal decision.

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