Is Indoor Cycling Good For You 

Updated April 2022

10 Reasons Why Indoor Cycling Is Good For You

Many people in the UK use some type of indoor bike to get some exercise. In this article we explain why this can be a great choice so as you know of indoor cycling is good for you?

1. Indoor cycling is great for the leg muscles

Most experts agree that cycling of any kind, primarily works out the leg muscles. This is of course ideal if you want to build up strength in your thighs and calves. Many other muscle groups are also used and we have covered those below.

All good indoor cycles will have a variety of resistance levels. That means that you can start off at a resistance level suitable for you at that time, and then increase the resistance, to help build up your strength. It also allows you the option to work both your seated work and also on your standing climbs.

Just those two styles of exercise along really work multiple leg muscles as you focus on the pedals.

2. Indoor cycling is great for the hips & bottom

Indoor cycling is also great at working and toning the bottom. This almost sounds like a contradiction, when you consider that with an indoor cycle, you spend a great deal of your time sitting on the saddle. However, even when you are doing that, the up and down leg movement, is also working the hip joints.

As a result of that you do get the added benefit of toning, without doing anything specific. With the exception of recumbent exercise bikes, you can also get up and off the saddle, and go for that little extra bit of speed and effort. Not only does that burst of activity burn off calories, but it also does wonders for your butt.

3. Indoor cycling improves the abs

We mentioned just above about sitting on a saddle. Here is a great little tip that will work wonders for the lower tummy muscles, or abs as the professionals love to call them.

When doing seated work, engage the abs as this really helps to stabilise your hips and upper body. Simply by clenching the tummy helps increase the muscle strength of the general abdomen area, and this tightening helps define those muscle groups.

Do this one simple thing for a few weeks, and you will notice the change. If you really focus on doing this when it is coming up to the summer holiday season.it can be a great beach body routine.

4. Indoor cycling can be a tough workout

For us one of the really big benefits of indoor cycling is that you can have a very gentle workout. Sometimes it is just a really good idea to do that, and just enjoy the ride. You can listen to some music, watch some TV and generally just do some light to moderate exercising on your bike.

At the same time, you also have the option to do a really tough workout. You can do that by increasing the speed you cycle at, increase the resistance that you ride at, and also the distance that you want to cover. So for anyone wanting a tough session, the indoor cycle certainly delivers.

Many people go for a nice balanced workout. They may start off slowly and gently, and then increase the pace as they warm up. Once they have reached the full workout, then they can slowly warm down by reverting to a more gentle pace.

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5. Indoor cycling is safer than outdoor cycling

With an indoor bike you get all the training benefits of cycling out on the road, without the risk of collisions or accidents. It’s both safe and effective and you can work out any time of the day, whatever the weather.

For many people their privacy is important to them. We think that is true especially at the start. If you happen to be a bit overweight, or have not exercised for years, the last thing you may want to do is go out in public. With an indoor bike there is just you and the bike.

Apart from the risk of accidents on busy roads and streets, there is also the inclement weather that we get here in the UK. Let's face it, from around late October to the end of March, we can get just about anything including wind, rain, ice hail and snow. None of those happen in your living room or garage.

6. Indoor cycling is great for increasing overall fitness and body shape

Cycling can dramatically change your body, giving you a strong and defined physique. It will never happen overnight, but if you persist then it will always happen. The reason so many people fall off a fitness regime is down to the fact that they have to deal with matters outside their control.

Yes it is great to go to the gym, but what if you have a big work commitment, or family needs. Trying to squeeze a visit to the gym in becomes impossible. Almost always the gym gets sacrificed and you are back to square one.

An indoor bicycle is always there, and even if you only have 15 minutes, you can still do something. A simple 15 minute session a day is great for your general fitness, and for a nice toned look.

7. Indoor cycling is good for both mind and body

You'll definitely look better but you'll feel better on the inside too. Increased lung capacity, lower blood pressure and overall strength are improved through consistent hard work. The secret here though is being consistent. You are always better to do exercise on a consistent basis, than doing one long session a week.

We know from experience that when you get a new indoor bike, there is a lot of enthusiasm. Most people do far too much at the start. Overdoing it can actually be a huge deterrent. Usually it ends up with aching muscles.

So much so that you then avoid getting back on it for a few days. the best way to use an exercise bike is to start slowly and actually enjoy what you are doing. Set yourself a few simple and basic goals, and enjoy it when you achieve those. Cycling is a great stress reliever so enjoy it rather than treating it as a chore.

8. Indoor cycling is convenient

It's there when you wake up. It's there when you get home from work. It's under your own roof when it's raining outside. No travelling to the gym, no hassle. This is the major benefit of owning any indoor piece of equipment.

It is always available and the only person stopping you from using it is of course yourself. Many of these can now be folded away, so they are not taking up room in your home. They are however easy to put back up, and get your exercise done

9. Indoor cycling is good at helping with injury recovery

Cycling is a low weight-bearing form of exercise which means it’s not as strenuous on the hips, knees and ankles as other exercises such as running. If you’re recovering from injury, in most cases, you can continue to exercise for cardio benefits without the overload on your muscles.

You do of course have to start off slowly and build up your strength and the various muscle groups. The fact that you are not causing any shock damage to your joints, allows you to focus on muscle strength building n a very low risk way.

10. Indoor cycling is good for variety of exercise

If you can afford to spend some money on an indoor bike with program features, then you really can enjoy doing something different. These programs allow you to go through different types of routines. There are normally some really useful preset options, so as you don't have to figure it all out.

You also have a whole range of useful measuring features that can help keep you motivated. These include measurements like target times, calories burned, distance covered plus recovery mode to track your fitness level.

Summary of Indoor Cycling Benefits

We have no doubt that you could name many more benefits of indoor cycling. For us it is a good form of safe indoor activity where you can get 10-15 minutes on a bike at a time that suits you. You can save time and money by not having to go to the gym. You also have the convenience of being able to workout at a time that suits you.

Cycling is a low impact exercise so no strain on those important ankle joints. Even with as little as 5 minutes a day indoor cycling can also help you lose some weight.

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