JLL JF150 Exercise Bike Review 

Updated April 2022

JLL’S Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150 has been designed to provide a simple, low impact workout experience at an entry level price point. This features everything you would expect as well as a few added bonuses. Including an aesthetically pleasing LCD display console, adjustable magnetically generated resistance and tablet device holder.

This review will discuss the JLL JF150’s key features in greater detail. We will also discuss what real buyers thought where the bikes key strengths and weaknesses.

JLL® Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150 Detailed Review

JLL® Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150 Key Features

LCD Monitor

As you would expect the JLL® Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150 comes fitted with a compact LCD display consoles. This console allows the rider to keep track of their Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse and Odometer. These stats allow riders to gauge their workout intensity and effectively measure their post workout performance.

Please note that the JLL® Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150 is an entry level upright exercise bike. Therefore, it is very affordable but lacks pre-set workout programmes seen in other more advanced models. If you would prefer an upright exercise bike with all the bells and whistles we recommend checking out the York Fitness Perform 210 or JTX-Cyclo 5

Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

The JLL® Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150 features 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance. These levels can be manually adjusted using the bikes resistance knob. This allows riders to select a resistance level that is most suitable to their fitness level. The higher the resistance selected the more challenging the workout.

Magnetic exercise bikes are great in terms of maintenance and product lifespan. Thanks to the absence of rubbing components frictional wear and tear on the bike significantly reduced. This dramatically reduces the product upkeep required by the customer.

Belt Driven

Unlike your standard outdoor cycling bike, the JLL® Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150 is not chain driven. Instead, it is driven by a rubber belt drive, that provides a smooth, quiet cycling experience.

Having a rubber belt driven exercise bike as opposed to a chain driven bike is that there is much less chance of jamming. Additionally, rubber belt drives require less lubrication over time.

Heart Rate Handrails

Some of the world’s most effective indoor cycling training methods require riders to maintain a specific targeted heart rate. For example, HIIT or Fartlek training. The JLL® Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150 allows riders to measure and maintain their heart using its pulse sensor handlebars. Feedback from these pulse sensors is also an effective means of assessing post workout recovery times.

Adjustable Seat & Handlebars

To ensure the optimal riding position for correct form and comfort the JLL® Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150 comes fitted with a fully adjustable seat and handlebars. The bikes large contoured saddle features vertical and horizontal adjustability to accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, each handlebar offers 360 degrees of adjustability for maximum upper body riding comfort.

Tablet Holder

The JLL® Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150 is an excellent fusion of functionality and entertainment. The bikes comes fitted with a tablet device holder that allows user to easily watch their favourite showers and listen to music while cycling.

Compact Design

The JLL® Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150 allows for easy storage thanks to its compact design. The bike weighs only 25.5 kg when fully assembled and measures just 95cm (length) x 49cm (width) x 120cm (height). Ultimately allowing for it to be comfortably stored away in a small cupboard or bedroom wardrobe.

Transport Wheels

For easy transportation around your home, the JLL® Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150 comes fitted with two transport wheels. These wheels can be utilised by simply tilting the bike forwards.

What customers loved about the JLL® Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150

Comfortable Ride

Customers were very pleased with how comfortable the JLL® Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150 was to ride. The bike's saddle was incredibly accommodating and offered an excellent range of adjustability.

Battery Operated

Many customers were pleased that the JLL® Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150 was not mains power operated. Therefore, they did not have to carefully consider where they placed their new exercise bike.

Easy Build

Customers had very few complaints when it came to the assembly of the JLL® Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150. The bike comes with simple, easy to follow instructions and the product arrives almost completely assembled. Please note that the boxed product can be awkward to transport therefore we recommend getting a friend to help you with this part of the assembly process. Ultimately, it took customers no longer than 25 minutes to assemble this bike.

What customers dont love about the JLL® Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150

No Advanced Training Programmes

Some customers were disappointed the JLL® Home Premium Exercise Bike JF150 offered no pre-programmed training programs. Which is a pretty common feature on any high end upright exercise bike. Therefore, if you are someone who likes to follow specific training protocols we recommend trying the York Fitness 110 or DKN AM-E

Conclusion & Rating on the JLL JF150 Model

The price, when compared to other is good, and it maintains steady buyer ratings. It makes for a good basic to intermediate indoor bike user, but more experienced users will be disappointed at the lack of advanced training programs.

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