JLL IC200 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Review 

Updated April 2022

JLL IC200 Bike is JLL’s entry level indoor cycling bike model. Part of the incredibly successful JLL IC range (IC300, IC300 PRO, IC400 Elite and IC600) the IC200 is one of the best budget exercise bikes in the UK.

Your legs can cardiovascular health, leg strength and body fat composition can be dramatically improved by using indoor training bikes just a few times a week. This type of exercise bike provides a low-impact workout and is suitable for people of all ages and abilities, from absolute beginners to experienced athletes.

In this review, we will discuss whether the JLL IC200 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike is as good as alternative premium indoor cycling bikes. As well as what buyer from the UK though where its stand-out attributes.

JLL IC200 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Detailed Review

JLL IC200 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Key Features

5-Function LCD Monitor

The JLL IC200 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike features a simple easy to read 5-function display. This monitor allows riders to monitor their Speed, Distance, Time, Calories Burned and Odometer. These stats can be used to help motivate riders and assess post cycle performance.

Indoor cycling bikes are streamlined no-fuss pieces of training equipment. Therefore, they do not feature the same advanced entertainment and training features as upright exercise bikes. If this if off-putting we recommend checking out upright exercise bike options.

10 Kg Flywheel

The JLL IC200 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike incorporates a smooth two-way 10 Kg flywheel that can be cycled forwards and backwards. The bikes forward momentum is generated by a chain drive system. This accurately replicated the feeling of riding an outdoor racing bike.

Frictional Resistance

The JLL IC200 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bikes resistance is generated frictionally using friction pads. Once the pads are in contact with the flywheel, its rotation decelerates. It becomes resistant to increasing the rotational speed of the flywheel. A reduced riding speed is the result of this process.

The resistance created poses a challenge to you. You must use extra pedalling force to reach the higher cycling speeds. As a result, your workouts advance from the lower to a higher intensity.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebars

The JLL IC200 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike is incredibly accommodating in terms of customisation options. The bike's seat can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to allow for the most comfortable riding position possible.

Additionally, to maximise upper body comfort the bike's ergonomically designed handlebars have a wide range of vertical adjustability.

Toe Cages

To allow riders to push themselves to the max the JLL IC200 features built in toe cage on each pedal. These cages secure the rider's feet into position and allow greater downward momentum to be applied without slippages.

Transport Wheels

The JLL IC200 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike features a sturdy compact metal frame 110cm (l) x 51cm (w) x 116cm (h) that weighs only 27 Kg. This frame can be easily manoeuvred around your home using built in transport wheels.

What customers loved about the JLL IC200 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike


By virtue of the JLL IC200 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bikes large padded seat and customisation features riders were impressed with how comfortable their riding experience was. Which is impressive as a common complaint about indoor cycling bikes is that seats are not comfortable. But for the most part, customers found the JLL IC200 to be incredibly accommodating for bottoms of all shapes and sizes.

Easy Assembly

The majority of customers found the JLL IC200 to be incredibly easy to assemble. The bikes come partly assembled on delivery and include easy to follow instruction. Typically it took users no longer than 30 minutes to assemble. If you would prefer, JLL has also provided an easy to follow assembly video shown below.

Please note that the packaged product weighs 32 Kg and can be awkward to transport. Therefore, we recommend getting assistance moving the package for your own safety.

Value for Money

Many customers including veteran indoor cycling bike users were very pleased with the quality and price of this product. Many customers left positive reviews on the sturdiness of the JLL IC200 Often describing the bike as “smooth”, “robust” and most of all “reliable”.

This is impressive considering this bike is not one of the most expensive indoor cycle bikes on the market. Typically the JLL IC200 retails for around £100 online which is considerably cheaper than similar models which can cost you upwards of £200.Ultimately, this bike has been built to last and you will definitely get your money’s worth.

What customers don't love about the JLL IC200 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

No Pre-Programmed Workouts

Although many customers were pleased overall with the simplicity of the JLL IC200 some indoor cycling enthusiast were disappointed.

Mainly because the JLL IC200 does not come with all the advanced pre-programmed workout routines seen in other upright exercise bikes. Therefore, if you are someone who is used to pre-programmed workout programs than the JLL IC200 may not be the bike for you.

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