JLL IC300 Pro Review 

Updated April 2022

JLL® IC300 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike UK Review

Buyers say the JLL® IC300 is good for beginners and experienced athletes- Is this true?

Just below you will find a video review of this exercise bike which provides a very good review.

Looking for an exercise bike that will allow you to progress at your own pace? But don’t want to spend a fortune to get it? The JLL® IC300 Indoor Cycling exercise bike could be exactly what you’re looking for.

This indoor cycle is suitable for anyone of any skill level. In fact it is extremely popular with both beginners and experienced riders. So it is no surprise this bike made our top indoor exercise bike list.

JLL IC300 Key Features

18 KG Flywheel and Varied Resistance

The sleekly designed JLL® IC300 Indoor Cycling exercise bike incorporates an 18kg flywheel. This is an average size for any good indoor cycling bike. The flywheel generates a riding sensation very similar to an outdoor bike.

Therefore, if you enjoy outdoor cycling, this indoor cycle is perfect for training when the weather is bad.

Not only does the JLL® IC300 flywheel spin very smoothly. It also allows the rider to fully adjust the fly wheel resistance to suit their specific fitness needs.

Therefore, you can improve your fitness levels at your own pace. Making this bike suitable for complete novices and experienced athletes.

Fully Adjustable Handlebars

For maximum rider comfort and usability, the JLL® IC300 incorporates two specially designed handle bars.

These handle bars have 6 levels of adjustment and can be moved to suit your specific preferences. This is great as it allows you to sit in a comfortable position without overextending.

Electronic Display

The JLL® IC300 features a handy electronic display console. This may not incorporate as many features as seen in upright bikes. However, it does incorporate all the stats you actually need such as speed, time passed, distance covered and calories burned.

These stats are very basic but incredibly useful for maintaining workout intensity. This is because it allows you to determine whether you need to speed up or slow down. Ultimately, this will lead to more consistent workout results over time.

Heart Rate Monitors

Not only do the bikes handlebars adjust to fit your specific height. They also serve a valuable purpose. That is, they allow the rider to monitor their heart rate during workouts using pulse sensors.

These sensors are conveniently placed in the centre of the handlebar shaft. Pulse sensors accurately display your heart rate on the bikes display unit. This is incredibly useful for determining and maintaining workout intensity. Making it much easier to follow many workout routines that require specific heart rate intensity.

Full Seat Adjustability

The JLL® IC300 offers excellent seat adjustment. Its saddle can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. This helps the user find the most comfortable riding position.

For the correct riding position bring the seat upward to your hip height. Then adjust the seats horizontal position until your legs are at a 25-35 degree angle and your knees are horizontal to the pedals. This will ensure optimum workout performance and protect your knee joints from injury.

How Online Buyers Rate the JLL IC300?

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Online buyers overall gave this an 86% buyer satisfaction rating
  • 59% of those buyers gave this a full 5 star review
  • 5% of all online buyers gave this a bad review

These are based on 500+ online buyer reviews.

What Online Buyers Said About the JLL IC300?

We now know how buyers rated this bike, but what did they actually have to say about it.

What Buyers Liked About this Bike - Pros

Smooth Ride

Many happy customers where pleased with how smooth their JLL® IC300 riding experience was. No matter how hard they seemed to pedal the bike never seemed to rock or feel unsteady. Ultimately, making this bike perfect for those who love to do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions.

Easy Set Up

Many users agree they found the JLL® IC300 to be easy to set up. This typically took a single person on average 20 minutes from box opening to final product. The bike also comes with easy to follow instructions.

However, you can also follow this online video tutorial provided by JLL

What Buyers Didn't Like About this Bike -Cons


Some customers were displeased that over time their JLL® IC300’s started to make noise. This source of this noise typically came from the bikes chain drive. However, other helpful users where able to offer a solution to this problem. Which was, to lubricate the bike chain with WD40 every few months.

Our Verdict on the JLL IC300 Cycling Exercise Bike

We rate the JLL® IC300 very highly. Not only does it look the part with its sleek modern design. It also offers great customisation and usability features.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a reliable and effective product to improve your fitness the JLL® IC300 is exactly what you’re looking for.

There are of course cheaper options available, but this is one of the better models on the UK market right now.

86% customer satisfaction based on 500+ online buyer ratings

Other Great Options

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Here are some fantastic alternatives:

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