JLL IC400 Elite Indoor Cycling Bike Review 

Updated April 2022

The JLL® IC400 ELITE Premium Indoor Cycling Bike is one of the coolest indoor cycling bikes on the market. This bike was featured in our list of the best indoor cycling bikes as it incorporates breathtakingly beautiful aesthetics, while leveraging exceptional functionality.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the key features and functionality that separates the JLL® IC400 from the rest of the market.

JLL® IC400 Key Features

20 KG Flywheel

The JLL® IC400 features a large 20 KG flywheel. This flywheel is chain driven, which is the same drive you would find on an outdoor bike. This provides the most similar riding experience to road cycling.

In addition to providing an accurate outdoor cycling experience, the “direct drive” means the JLL® IC400 will not allow the rider to coast. In other words when the bike's flywheel is spinning so are its pedals. Therefore, to slow down the rider must do so manually by trying to push bake gently on the pedals. Or increase the resistance by adjusting the resistance knob.

As an added safety and maintenance measure JLL® have encased this chain drive in a plastic guard. This protects your bike's chain from dust and moisture. Additionally, the chain guard protects the rider from getting caught in moving components which could cause injury.

Electronic Display Unit

Many riders find tracking their stats during works helps motivate them to push harder. For this reason, JLL® has designed the IC400 with an easy to understand electronic display.

This large 6 fictional console displays time passed, speed, distance covered, calories burned, odometer and pulse rate. Providing the rider with plenty of helpful dates to maintain riding intensity and measure post workout performance.

Variable Resistance

The JLL® IC400 offers varying levels of frictional resistance. This resistance can easily adjust using an adjustment dial located below the bike’s handlebars. The great the friction applied to the flywheel the harder cycling will become. Therefore, you can improve your fitness at your own pace.

Water Bottle Holder

Being able to have easy access to water while cycling is vitally important in maintaining your body temperature.

The JLL® IC400 allows you to do just that as it incorporates a water bottle holder. This bottle holder can be easily accessed just below the resistance dial. So you don’t have to worry about disrupting your rhythm while reaching for water.

Full Adjustable Seat & Handlebars

This bike allows the rider to calibrate the seat and handlebar positioning to create the most comfortable riding position possible.

Proper customisation is incredibly important in terms of comfort, safety and maintaining correct form. This is largely due to the fact that riding too low or too close to the handlebars can cause “over-bending”. This in turn can cause damage to the knee joints and lower back. Not to mention it’s just a generally uncomfortable riding experience.

Compact Design

The JLL® IC400 packs a lot of functionality into one compact design. Its exact dimensions are 130cm (H) x 130cm (L) x 54cm (W) making it easier for storage and use in homes of all sizes including apartments. I can also be stored under the stairs, in a wardrobe or in a large cupboard. However, is space is at a premium the JLL® IC400 is a good looking piece of exercise equipment that is pretty easy on the eyes.

What Customers Love about theJLL® IC400 


Some customers had some issues manoeuvring the package JLL® IC400 by themselves. So we recommend you get a friend to help you with this. However, for the most part, customers were incredibly pleased with how straight forward the assembly process was.

The bike comes partly assembled with easy to follow instructions. However, many customers managed to set it up in under 20 minutes without instructions. Additionally, JLL have also provided an easy to follow assembly video.


Many customers expressed how impressed they were with the overall durability and reliability of this product. These comments often came from customers who had used various exercise bikes and believed the JLL® IC400 performed the best over a long period of time. One customer actually referred to his riding experience with the JLL® IC400 as “smooth as silk with no noise”.

Ultimately, with the right care this bike will work smoothly for several years or more. Without making as much noise as many cheaper indoor cycling bike models.

What Customers Don't Love about the JLL® IC400 - Cons


There were a few customers not satisfied with the JLL® IC400s seat. Unfortunately, the JLL® IC400 has the same downfall as many other indoor cycling bikes. Which is they are not designed with as comfortable seats as upright or recumbent indoor exercise bikes. In fact they can be quite narrow and don’t offer much support to the lower buttocks.

However, this issue can be resolved by purchasing a gel saddle cover. These covers typically range from £5-£13 depending on brand and are readily available online.

Our Rating & Conclusion 

Ultimately, we can recommend the JLL® IC400 highly enough. It is the perfect blend of design and functionality. 

If this is not the bike for you then check out our top 10 list of exercise bikes here.

Don't just take out word for it check out what other customers thought on Amazon.

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