JLL S400 Treadmill Review 

Updated April 2022

JLL® have a fantastic reputation for developing some of the best treadmills available in the UK Whether you’re looking for a motorised, folding or manual treadmill the likelihood is you will come across JLL® products. But how does the JLL S400 compare to its exceptional predecessors?

We have chosen to review the JLL S400 as it is a relatively inexpensive premium treadmill. However, it incorporates some high-quality features such as a 5.5-inch LCD screen, high powered speakers and 16-point cushion deck absorption system.

This review will reveal who this product is suitable for. As well as the JLL S400’s key features and what customers thought where the products key benefits and drawbacks.

Who this the JLL S400 for?

When completing our impartial reviews, we read hundreds of in-depth reviews left by users. We do this to create a clearer picture as to who would get the greatest value from the product.

In regard to the JLL S400, users typically wanted to use the product as a tool to improve their fitness via walking or running. However, they also wanted a premium product that didn’t cost a small fortune. Therefore, if you’re looking to improve your fitness cheaply with a high-quality treadmill. Then this product is best suited to your needs.

JLL S400 Key Features

LCD Display & Pre-Programmed Running Routines

jll s400 lcd display

The JLL S400 incorporates a simple 5.5-inch LCD display that illustrates all key workout stats. These stats include speed, heart rate, calories burned, time elapsed and distance. Which not only give you an appreciation of your workout progress but also helps maintain workout intensity and motivation.

In addition to its intuitive LCD display unit the JLL S400 comes equipped with 15 pre-programmed workout programs as well as 3 customisable modes. Allowing users to tailor their workout experience.


The fully assembled JLL S400 stands at 170 cm (L) x 70 cm (W) x 134 cm (H) with a large running surface are of 135 cm (L) x 45 cm (w). Making it suitable for runners with long strides.

Additionally, the JLL S400 is fully foldable, allowing for easy storage if space is at a premium in your home. However, it is important to note that the product weighs 73 KG. Therefore, we recommend getting a helping hand to move the product around your home to avoid injury.

16-point cushion deck absorption system

The JLL S400 incorporates a unique 16-point cushion deck absorption system which minimises the impact on your knee and hip joints. Ultimately, allowing you to run comfortably for linger with little risk of sustaining long term injury’s.

Powerful Speaks

With the JLL S400 you never have to worry about annoying earphones again, thanks it’s built in audio system. Simply connect your phone or Mp3 device to via Bluetooth or Aux cord to listen to your music library on the run.


JLL are so confident with the quality of their product they have given the JLL S400 a 2 years’ parts and labour warranty. With 5 years’ motor cover and a lifetime guarantee on the treadmill frame. Something very few manufacturers will offer.

What Customers Said

What Customers liked

Quiet and Sturdy

The vast majority of customers where very pleased with the sturdiness and stability of the JLL S400. More importantly, they were delighted with how quietly it operated thanks to silicone shock absorption system.

Many customers described the JLL S400 as the most reliable treadmill they had ever used. Additionally, many customers described the bike as “rocks steady” no matter how hard they where running, the running surface remained steady.

Therefore, if you are someone who likes to do intense training such as HIIT sprints, the JLL S400 won’t let you down.

Easily Assembled

Many users described the assembly of the JLL S400 as relatively straight forward.

Typically, individual users where able to assemble this treadmill by themselves within 20 minutes without much trouble. Easy to follow instructions where provided however many customer said the set-up process was very self-explanatory.

However, as mentioned before we always recommend having a helping hand to move heavy pieces of fitness equipment.

What customers didn't like


As identified in the key features section of this review, the JLL S400 comes packed with numerous premium features and functions. However, this was not to the advantage of a few customers, as they described the programme settings as “Complicated”.

Therefore, if you do choose to purchase the JLL S400 we recommend holding onto the instruction manual for future reference.

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