Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike Review 

Updated April 2022

Kettler is a leading UK based sports equipment manufacturer that has been producing high-quality exercise equipment for over 30 years. The Worcestershire based organisation prides itself on its innovative product portfolios. This includes several top of the range indoor exercise bikes.

The Unisex Remo Exercise Bike is one of Kettler’s newest upright exercise bike creations. This bike includes a large blue backlit display console, 16 levels of computers controlled resistance and 12 pre-programmed workout routines.

This review will discuss the bikes features in greater detail as well as what actual buyers thought where the products key benefits and drawbacks.

Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike Detailed Review

Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike Key Features

LCD Display Console

The Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike features an aesthetically pleasing backlit display console. This console makes it easy for riders to keep track of their key performance metrics. This includes Cycling Speed, Time Passed, Distance Travelled, RPM (Revs Per Minute), Pulse Reading and Calories burned. These stats will mean different things to different users. However, for the most part, they provide a valuable means of assessing workout intensity and post workout performance.

Additionally, the Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike’s display console can be used to access the bikes 12 pre-set workout programmes. These programmes sink up with the bikes built-in pulse sensors, providing an accurate riding experience.

Pulse Sensor Handlebars

The Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike features two hand pulse sensors located on each handlebar. These handlebars accurately measure the riders pulse rate and feed that information back to the bikes display console. Pull sensors provide an accurate means of measuring workout intensity and are invaluable for riders who like to complete training programmes that require specifically targeted heart rates. For example, HIIT training variations. Additionally, pulse sensors can be effectively used to measure post-workout recovery speeds.

Large 8 Kg Flywheel with Magnetic Resistance

The Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike features an extra-large 8 Kg flywheel. This is double the size of what is considered “standard” in an upright exercise bike. The primary advantage of having such a large flywheel is that it improves the potential range of resistance the rider can apply while training.

This particular upright exercise bike model incorporates a magnetically generated adjustable resistance. Meaning there are significantly less rubbing of internal components. The Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bikes resistance can be adjusted using the bikes training console.

The primary benefits of magnetic exercise bikes include; less wear and tear on internal components and an overall quieter riding experience.

Adjustable Saddle

To allow for correct riding form and maximum comfort the Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike comes fitted with a fully adjustable padded saddle. This saddle is large enough to support the amplest of bottoms and can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. This allows users to tailor their riding position providing a comfortable riding experience. 

Toe Cages

For added stability and comfort the Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike features toe cages, also referred to as foot straps. These straps/cages secure the riders foot into position allowing for greater downward momentum to be applied without slippages. This allows riders to train harder safely.

3 Year Warranty

The Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike comes with an extra-long 3-year warranty. This includes part and labour should any issues occur with the first 3 years of using the bike. Ultimately, if you choose to purchase Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike you are guaranteed to get your money worth. Similar exercise models from other manufacturers only come with standard 12-month guarantees.

What customers loved about the Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike

Quiet Riding Experience

Customers who used the Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike where impressed with how quiet the bike was to cycle. No matter how far they adjusted the resistance the bike produced no more than a gentle purring sound. This is thanks to the bikes magnetically generated resistance system.

Comfortable Saddle

A common complaint with indoor exercise bikes is the comfort of the saddle of the bike. However, the majority of customers agreed that the Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike provided a comfortable riding experience. Some even went as far as saying that the bike provided a superior riding experience to that of more expensive upright exercise bikes they had used in the past. Ultimately, if your seat is correctly calibrated you should be able to cycle comfortably for hours using the Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike.

Programme Variations

Customers who get bored easily when cycling perceive the Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike to be great value thanks to the number of pre-programmed workout variation it incorporates. The bike comes with 12 pre-set workouts and allows riders to easily mix up their workout routines. Ultimately making indoor cycling a more challenging but enjoyable experience. 

What customers don't love about the Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike


For the most part, the Kettler Unisex Remo Exercise Bike has received rave reviews. However, there were a few commenters that found the bikes assembly process slightly confusing. This left some customers feeling a bit frustrated. Therefore, we recommend carefully scanning the bikes user and assembly manual prior to assembly. This will speed up the assembly process and minimise any confusion. 

Conclusion & Rating

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