Life Fitness G7 Cable Motion Gym Review 

Updated April 2022

The Life Fitness G7 Cable Motion Gym is not cheap, but it is a proper high end home workout gym. Many have said that this one is the Rolls Royce of all of the home gyms currently on the market place.

It has been cleverly designed to fit into the corner of a room and the manufacturer has thought about how to include just about everything you could ever expect from a high end gym set-up in your home.

The buyer reviews are all excellent but for this type of money, you should really expect to see that as being the case. It is very well constructed and it most certainly looks the part. However if you are going to invest this type of money in a home gym, then of course you are someone who will be taking their workouts very seriously indeed.

This is an expensive option though and typically costs around £1,700-2,000. For most people that just costs too much and that would be the same for me. There are some people with enough money to be able to afford it. If they can though it is of course an excellent purchase. It also just happens to be one of the best home gymnasiums in the world.

Key Features of the G7 Worth Considering

Life Fitness G7 Cable Motion Gym Reviewed

As you can imagine, this home gym is packed full of features. There are a few important ones, which I think are worth highlighting. I have shown these below:

  • The Bench - In my opinion, if you are going to invest in a home gym, then just make sure it has a strong and comfortable bench. Many of the exercises that you will do, are done when sitting or laying back. You want the bench to be able to support you and also be a comfortable experience.
  • Two Weight Stacks - Initially this may not sound that important, but I think it is. By having these you can individually work sides of the body. Naturally people tend to be stronger on one side than the other. To look well toned and have a nice uniform body structure, you need a full body workout. That means you may need to build up one side of the body a little more than the other side.
  • Quick & Smooth Pulley Adjustments - A major drawback, and especially with the cheaper home gyms, is the pulley system. In cheaper systems these can be jumpy and sticky. They also need quite a bit of work to change weights, and to be able to make smooth lifts. The G7 has none of those problems.

It measures 48.5 in x 69.5 in x 83 in (124 cm x 177 cm x 211 cm) and weighs around 336 Kg.

Video Review of the Life Fitness G7

Our Verdict on the G7

This is a home gym for those who take their fitness very seriously. The quality of build is second to none. This type of gym can be used to strengthen the back and chest, and give a great all over body workout. Overall this is very good equipment, designed to improve your strength training.

Most users completed exercises like, seated rows, cross overs, flies and  pull ups. This is a commercial designed gym, but the manufacturer has made some minor adjustments, to make it suitable for home use.

Buyers all commented that this home gym offered a whole range of exercises that can be done with this gym. That for them meant plenty of variety. In essence, it meant that they did not get bored by having to do a restricted set of weight lifting. This one has chin up bars, and the simple set of pulleys, can be quickly adjusted for a variety of exercises.

This machine also comes with a very informative DVD. In that you will get a range of exercises, that you can watch and then follow along. There are two certified instructors showing these, so you will be sure that you are in good hands. It is like having a personal trainer at home with you. The training includes an all over body workout, and a high energy workout.

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