Marcy Onyx B80 Upright Exercise Bike Review 

Updated April 2022

The Marcy Onyx B80 Upright Exercise Bike is a classily designed upright exercise bike made for a gym quality workout at home.

This bike comes fitted with many premium indoor cycling features. Including built in pulse sensors, high-quality LCD display and 23 preset workout programs.

It is an affordably priced bike making it a good option for beginners and those looking for cardio and low impact workouts in the home. This review will discuss the products key features as well as what buyers thought were the products key strengths and weaknesses. 

Marcy Onyx B80 Upright Exercise Bike Detailed Review

Marcy Onyx B80 Upright Exercise Bike Key Features

Blue Backlit LCD Console 

The Marcy Onyx B80 is an aesthetically pleasing upright exercise bike with an equally attractive display console. The bike features a large blue backlit LCD console that allows riders to accurately monitor their Time, Speed (Km/Miles), Distance, Calories Burned, Pulse and RPM. These stats help to keep riders motivated and provide a reliable measurement of their fitness progress.

This console also allows riders to take advantage of the Marcy Onyx B80’s 23 preset workout programmes, including several heart rate control programs. It also let riders create 4 bespoke training programs that align with their individual fitness objectives. Additionally, the console allows riders to track their post workout recovery using the “Pulse Recovery” program.

Pulse Sensors

To help riders precisely track and maintain their workout intensity the Marcy Onyx B80 Upright Exercise Bike comes with built in hand pulse sensors. These sensors provide an accurate reading of the rider’s heart rates. This data is incredibly useful for riders who like to follow heart rate targeted programs such as HIIT or Fartlek.

Seat Adjustability 

For maximum comfort, the Marcy Onyx B80 Upright Exercise Bike comes with a large padded saddle. This saddle can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to provide the perfect riding position. The bike overs 9 vertical levels of adjustment ranging from 4ft 10 to 6ft 5.

5 Kg Flywheel & 16 Levels of Magnetic Resistance 

The Marcy Onyx B80 Upright Exercise Bike features a 5 Kg whisper quiet flywheel. This flywheel offers 16 levels of magnetically generated resistance. Providing a smooth challenging workout for users of all abilities.

Magnetic upright exercise bikes provide incredibly smooth and quiet cycling experiences, even when resistance is set to it maximum level. Additionally, thanks to the absence of rubbing components, magnetic exercise bikes require minimal maintenance.

Height Adjustable Floor Levellers & Transport Wheels 

To provide a balanced workout experience when placed on uneven surfaces, the Marcy Onyx B80 comes with built in floor levellers. This provides a stable workout experience anywhere in the riders home.

In addition to these levels, the Marcy Onyx B80 Upright Exercise Bike comes fitted with transport wheels. Making it incredibly easy to manoeuvre your exercise bike post workout.

3 Crank Pedals & Toe Cages 

For ultimate riding stability, the Marcy Onyx B80 Upright Exercise Bike features 3 crank pedals. These are similar to pedals found in traditional outdoor training bikes. Additionally, for added stability, each pedal features an adjustable toe cage. This helps comfortably lock the riders foot into position for greater riding stability. 

What customers loved about the Marcy Onyx B80 Upright Exercise Bike

Sturdy Design

Many customers commented on the sturdiness of the Marcy Onyx B80 Upright Exercise Bike. Saying the bike was a superior build to that of upright bikes they had used in the past. Ultimately, riders found they could comfortably cycle to their limits without any mechanical difficulty or wobbling of the bike frame.

Easily Transported 

Customers were pleased with how easy it was to transport the Marcy Onyx B80’s 30 kg frame around their how using its transport wheels. However, many customers were so pleased with the aesthetic quality of the bike they left it out on display in their home.

Workout Options

The majority of Marcy Onyx B80 customers were impressed with the range of workout programs available on the bike. This makes it really easy for riders to mix up their routines and create bespoke programmes that more accurately reflect their fitness objectives.

Easy Assembly

Buyers of the tended to agree that the Marcy Onyx B80’s delivery and set up process was incredibly straight forward. The bike comes partly assembled on delivery and requires minimal assembly. With the use of the instruction manual included in the box, many customers were able to set-up the bike in less than 30 minutes. 

What customers dont love about the Marcy Onyx B80 Upright Exercise Bike

Mains Power Operated 

A few customers were dissatisfied with the fact that the Marcy Onyx B80 Upright Exercise Bike is mains power operated. Meaning the bikes electronic features do not work unless plugged into a power outlet. This can be incredibly inconvenient if all plug sockets are in use. If this puts you offer the Marcy Onyx B80 Upright Exercise Bike we recommend checking out the JTX Cyclo 5 which comes with a self-power generation option. 

Conclusion & Rating of the Marcy Onyx Upright Exercise Bike

The main thing that is going to put buyers off this model is the price point at around £350

It also needs to be plugged into the UK main's power supply to take advantage of the key features

That said this is a high quality upright bike that overall gets very good buyer reviews. It certainly looks well and is well engineered so will last for a very long time.

If this is not the upright cycle for you, then check out our full list of upright choices by clicking here.

88% buyer satisfaction based on 100+ online buyer reviews

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