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Medicine Ball For Core Strength

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How to Use a Medicine Ball to Strengthen Your Core - 4 Recommended Exercises

Adding a medicine ball to your home gym or using one at the gym is a great way to train abs, obliques and back muscles. The additional weight can take your training to a higher level rather than just using your body weight alone.  They are also a great deal more fun to use.

These are not expensive to buy, and ideal for using in the privacy of your own home. Please remember these are heavy, so do not overdo exercising with these.

Here are some ways to use a medicine ball to strengthen your core.

Medicine Ball Core Exercise 1 - The Ball Slam

Not only is this a great exercise, but it can be VERY effective as a release for pent-up tension. Just imagine that you have had  a bad day at work, and you will get my drift...

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and take a deep breath
  • Grip the medicine ball tightly with both hands and raise it above your head.
  • Without arching your back, bend forward slightly at the hips and slam the ball down right in front of you.
  • Retrieve the ball and repeat.

Medicine Ball Core Exercise 2 - V-Ups

This exercise separates those that think they have abs in good condition from those that actually do.

  • Start out by lying on your back on a yoga mat or carpet holding the ball in your hands.
  • Extend both your arms and legs
  • Now without bending your elbows or knees, use your core muscles to bring both your arms and legs off of the floor at the same time and ward each other as in the letter “V”.
  • While in the air, grab the ball with your feet.
  • Now lower your arms and legs back to the ground.
  • Repeat by continuing to pass the ball back and forth between your hands and feet.

Video - Medicine Ball Core Exercises for Women

This video shows you some 10 minute beginner medicine ball exercise for women. These will help you quickly burn 50-100 calories.

Video - Medicine Ball Core Exercises for Men

This video shows some great core medicine ball exercise for guys who want to improve their core abs. This video is well worth a look as it includes a really nice balanced range of medicine ball exercises.

Medicine Ball Core Exercise 3 - The Crunches

This exercise really isn’t any different from normal crunches except you are adding weight to the movement.

  • Lie on your back with your feet on the floor.
  • With the medicine ball in both hands, extend your arms upward as you are coming up for the crunch, until the ball is directly above your chest.
  • Come back down and repeat.

Medicine Ball Core Exercise 4 - The Hay Bailer

This is a great exercise to work the back, obliques and abs.

  • Kneel down with your left knee on the floor.
  • Keeping your back straight, grip the ball with both hands.
  • In one movement bring the ball from your right hip diagonally across your body past your left shoulder.
  • Bring the ball back down to your right hip.Change sides and work the other side.

Hopefully that has given you a good idea of the many different types of exercise that you can do using a medicine ball.

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