MiraFit VKR Multi Function Gym Power Tower Review 

Updated April 2022

The MiraFit VKR Multi Function Gym Power Tower is a basic but very popular choice of home gym. This gym came out at number three on our list of top 10 home gyms, that are currently available on the UK market place. 

To date, and as of the time of writing this review, the average buyer rating for this gym is an impressive 96% customer satisfaction. You can see this up close, in the image directly below.

It is also one of the most affordable, with a price tag of around £120. Please note, there can be variations to that price point, depending on where you make your purchase.

MiraFit VKR Multi Function Gym Power Tower

As you can see from the image above, this very basic gym is designed to do sit-ups, pull-ups etc. There is no weight stack with this gym, and no way of attaching one either.

What Do You Get with the MiraFit VKR Multi Function Gym

As you can see from the image above, there are no bells and whistles with this piece of home gym apparatus. You can however get this one in a choice of two colours, either black or silver. Personally I like the silver option, but it really is a matter of personal taste.

This gym has dip bars, an angled back rest, a pull-up bar, push up bars and a sit up bar. As there are no weights, you use your body weight to do your workout. There is a back rest and arm pads that offer a good deal of comfort.

This is one of the cheapest basic gyms on the UK market. It is however very well made, and buyers rate this one from Mirafit extremely well.

MiraFit VKR Specification

    • Measures 219 cm high x 89 cm wide and 133 cm deep
    • The pull up bar is set at 110 cm
    • The dip bar height is set at 137 cm
    • The back rest and the arm pads are made from high density foam, and are then covered by a tough vinyl padding which is washable.
    • The frame is made from high quality steel tubing
    • It weighs 23 Kg
    • It is a free standing gym
    • Very easy to assemble and does not take long to do so

How Do Buyers Rate the MiraFit VKR Power Tower?

You do get the best information, comments and feedback from real life buyers. These are people who have bought the product, used it, and then taken the time to leave a review. When we do our research we check at the major online stores, and read those reviews very carefully.

We then summarise those to make it easier to understand the general feedback. That includes all feedback both good and bad. Overall buyers rated this purchase as a 96% satisfied product. That is based on around 100 buyer reviews, we found across the Internet, at the time of writing this review. If that changes we will of course update that.

It is unusual for home gyms to get such a high buyer satisfaction rate, but that is what we found.  We will of course update this article, if that changes.

vinyl back rest

Back Rest and Arm Rest Supports

Main Review of the MiraFit VKR Multi Gym 

I won't bore you with any more specification details. This is nothing more than a good high quality basic gym. It allows you to those tough type of workouts. Those include pull-ups, knee raises, leg raises and ab workouts.

The gym is sturdy, so it will not move about when you are using it. We would always however recommend placing a gym like this on a non-stick gym mat. That protects your floor, and greatly reduces the risk of anything slipping.

However, even if you don't want to use one of these, this one does have rubber feet to protect the floor, and help hold it in place.

This gym is suitable for people of all heights. You can also use a dipping belt with this gym, which will increase the potential use of this home gym.

How Long Does it Take to Assemble?

That all depends on your DIY skills. Most buyers said it took them around 1.5-3 hours. It is always much faster to do along with a friend. The average time taken as an individual was 2 hours.

Quite a few people did say, that with just a few bicycle spanners, they did this in an hour. Personally we would recommend using a simple socket set. You will need a 13 mm, a 14 mm and a 17 mm socket, or those sizes in spanners.

Verdict on the MiraFit VKR Multi Function Power Tower Gym

This is an affordable option for a very good basic home gym. It is solid, well made out of 2" box Steel, and will allow you to a full range of workouts. This frame has also been heat treated, which also increases the strength of steel.

In our opinion, the Mirafit VKR Multi Function Gym Power Tower does deliver on what it can do. As I stated, there is very little that can go faulty with this. Once you have it assembled, you will be able to get on with getting fit.

Assembly is simple and does not take long. It also looks well, and it is also easy to transport, should you ever need to move it to a different location.

This gym is all about value for your hard earned money, and you get that. 

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