Prestige XM-PROIII Treadmill Reviews UK 

Updated April 2022

The Prestige XM-PROIII treadmill has received excellent reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers around the world. Therefore, it should come as no surprise the XM-PROIII features in our top treadmills picks.

We also believe that it encompasses all the key features and attributes that make a high-quality treadmill. But without the hefty price tag.

In this review, we explain the key features that make the XM-PROIII different from your bog-standard treadmill. As well as what real buyers thought where the products key benefits and drawbacks.

XM-PROIII Key Features

Electronic Display

The XM-PROlll a no-nonsense piece of fitness equipment. Therefore, it does incorporate many fancy display features as more expensive brands, and nor should it. Treadmills are highly functional pieces of fitness equipment.

Therefore, complicated display features and applications only take away from the user experience. Not to mention they can pose a safety risk distracting the user while running at high speeds.

With that in mind, the XM-PROlll has an incredibly simple yet functional electronic display panel. This electronic display shows all the information a user ever needs to know; calories burned, time, running speed and distance. It can also provide a pulse reading if you hold on to pulse sensors.

However, we recommend only using this feature while at a walking pace or while doing a post run cool down.This information is useful in terms of maintaining workout intensity and performance. But most importantly of all, it does not distract the user from what really matters – the workout.

12 Pre-Programmed Workouts

The XM-PROlll comes packed with pre-set workout programs as well as 3 manual incline heights to suite all fitness levels. Ultimately, allowing you to progress at your own pace and change up your workout routines to add a little variety into your fitness regimen.

Audio Input

Running with earphones in can be a real pain. Ear pieces falling out and wires flapping about, can really take away from your running experience.

However, thankfully the XM-PROlll this is no longer a concern as the treadmill comes fitted with two speakers and an audio input. So you can plug in your phone or Mp3 device and run to your heart content without having to worry about adjusting your earphones.


The XM-PROlll packs a lot of functionality into a 140 (H) x 65 (W) x 135 (L) CM frame. This is relatively compact for a treadmill.

However, what really stands out is its large Running Surface 1100x400mm, which provides ample room for runners and walkers of all sizes and running styles.Additionally, as an added storage feature the XM-PROlll is completely foldable. Therefore, it can be easily stored away in a cupboard or wardrobe post workout.

What Customers Said 

What Customers Liked

Easy Assembly

The XM-PROlll comes 99% assembled on delivery which was incredibly pleasing to most users as it was completely functional straight out of the box. Taking only 5 minutes to set up.

Quality Value For Money

Many customers including veteran treadmill users where very pleased with the quality and price of this product. Many customers left positive reviews on the sturdiness of the XM-PROlll. Often describing the treadmill as “smooth”, “robust” and most of all “reliable”.

This is impressive considering the XM-PROlll is not one of the most expensive treadmills on the market. Which is impressive considering similar models can cost you upwards of £500. Ultimately, this treadmill has been built to last and you will get your money’s worth and then some.

What Customers Disliked


Despite the XM-PROlll being incredibly easy to assemble. Many customer where unpleased with how heavy the product was (30 Kg). Which made it difficult for some to move it around their homes.

Therefore, like any piece of heavy equipment we recommend having a helping hand to transport this product should you buy it.

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