Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800 Review 

Updated April 2022

The Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800 is one of the best upright exercise bikes currently available in the UK. It’s a very solid bike that has a durable, heavy-duty crank and lots of adjustability. With assembled dimensions of 55 cm x 109 cm x 143 cm, the seat of the bike is completely adjustable and can be easily calibrated to suit your body type.

The Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800 magnetic resistance system provides a quiet and smooth ride, which is great for the home when you don’t want to disturb the other home occupants.

A large 7 Kg flywheel means the bike has a lot of stability and can really simulate the momentum and feel of biking on the road. The bike’s total weight is 30 Kg and has maximum user weight is 120 kg (18.8 Stone) that should cover users of most sizes.

This review will discuss the Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800’s key features and functionality in greater detail. As well as what buyers experienced when using the bike. 

Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800 Detailed Review

Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800 Key Features

LCD Training Computer

The Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800 comes fitted with a useful training computer and LCD display console. This display allows users to track their performance in real time by displaying Time, Distance, RPM, Watt, Speed, Calories Burned and Pulse Rate. These stats can help users to stay motivated and maintain workout intensity. They can also be used to effectively measure post workout performance.

Additionally, this training computer console can be used to access the Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800’s 12 pre-set training programmes. This includes fat burn, cardio, endurance, rolling hills, and Heart Rate Control. This allows users to challenge themselves and mix up their workout routine daily.

Individual Training Profiles

Will you be the only user of your exercise bike? With the Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800’s, it is possible to create up to 4 unique user profiles. Simply enter your Age, Gender, Height and Sex. This will allow the training computer to offer more accurate performance feedback.

7 Kg Flywheel & 16 Level Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

The Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800 allows users to push themselves to their limits with 16 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance. Magnetic resistance allows the bikes 7 Kg flywheel to rotate smoothly and quietly. It also allows users to have a truly bespoke training experience with a wide range of cycling resistance.

Additionally, unlike frictional resistance bikes magnetic exercise bike tend to have longer lifespans and require less maintenance.

Telemetric Hand Pulse Grips

Some of the most effective and popular indoor cycling programs currently used by athletes incorporate heart rate control. The Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800 allows riders to accurately measure their heart rate using two telemetric hand pulse grips located on the bike handlebars. The feedback from these sensors allows riders to effectively measure their workout intensity and post workout recovery.

Adjustable Padded Seat

To ensure correct riding form and maximum riding comfort the Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800’s offers a large contoured saddle. This saddle is large enough to comfortably seat even the amplest of bottoms but remains narrow enough to reduce friction on the inner thighs.

This saddle can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to provide a tailor fit riding position.

Floor Levellers

To allow for a stable, even riding experience on uneven ground the Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800’s comes with adjustable floor levellers. These levellers can be manually adjusted, allowing for an accurate riding experience wherever the bike is placed. 

What customers loved about the Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800


Many customers agreed the Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800 provided a comfortable riding experience. The bike's seat offered great support, which the sturdy frame provided a smooth riding No matter how hard customers cycled the bike's flywheel rotated smoothly and quietly. Unlike many cheaper models which can be quite shaky and loud when you pick up the pace. Not ideal if you are someone who likes to push yourself to the limits.

Easy Assembly

Many customers were happy with the Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800’s delivery and assembly process. The product in many cases came earlier than expected. Additionally, the bike itself is partly assembly, therefore there is minimal set up required. With the help of the products, handy user manual customers were able to assemble the product in less than 30 minutes.

However, for your own safety, it is important to note that the Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800 weighs 32 KG on delivery. Therefore, we recommend seeking assistance to transport the bike in its boxed form. Post assembly the bike can be transported much more easily using the bikes built in transport wheels.

Value For Money

Many customers thought the Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800 was exceptional value for money. This is mostly due to the fact the bikes come fitted with several premium upright exercise bike features, without a premium exercise bike price. This is incredibly hard to find.

Please note, prices with fluctuate depending on demand and online promotions.

What customers don't love about the Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800

Confusing Controls

Some customers were confused by the bike display console and were understandably frustrated. Therefore, we recommend studying the user manual to learn how to use this upright cycle effectively. 

Conclusion & Rating

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