Spinner R1 Spin Bike Review 

Updated April 2022

The Spinner® R1 Spin® is created by Mad Dogg Athletics®, the original creators of the modern Spinning® bike.

This bike has been featured in our "best Spinner bikes in the UK list" as it ensures you never have to compromise quality for affordability. The Spinner® R1 Spin® offers no fuss workouts with a 14Kg flywheel, adjustable handlebars and a fully adjustable seat.

Let’s take a look at the Spinner® R1 Spin®’s key features. As well as what real customers experiences using it.

Spinner R1 Spin Bike Key Features

14 Kg Fly Wheel

The Spinner® R1 Spin® incorporates a well-balanced 14 KG fly wheel. Which is not the largest of fly wheels in terms of an indoor cycling bike. In which case if you are an elite indoor cyclist a ReVxtreme s1000 may be more appropriate.

Additionally, this Spin® bike model is chain driven. Therefore, it offers a smooth riding experience similar to that off an outdoor bike. Therefore, if you enjoy road cycling the Spinner® R1 Spin® will offer a similar riding experience.

Rider Customisation

This bike allows the rider to customise its seat and handlebar position to offer the most comfortable riding position.

The Spinner® R1 Spin® incorporates a fully adjustable seat. This seat can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. This ensured that the rider can maintain correct form while protecting the hip and knee joins.

Additionally, the bikes handlebars can be easily adjusted vertically. To determine your optimal riding position your knees should have a 25-35 bend and your knees should be vertical to the bike pedals. This is your optimum seat adjustment for your height. Additionally adjust your handlebars to be directly horizontal to your final seat adjustment.

Compact Design

This bike is incredibly compact making it suitable to store in homes and apartments of all sizes.

When fully assembled the Spinner® R1 Spin®’s dimensions are 97cm x 46cm x 122 cm. Therefore, it can be easily stored in a wardrobe or medium sized cupboard.

Additionally the full assembled bike weights 42kg making it quite light for a spin bike. It can also be easily transported around using its transport wheels. Which are conveniently located at the front of the bike frame.

Variable Resistance Settings

The Spinner® R1 Spin® Bike allows riders to fine tune their workouts using a variable resistance toggle. This toggle is located just below the bikes handlebars proving easy access during work outs. So whether you're an indoor cycling virgin or an experience athlete you can progress at your own pace with ease.

What customers love about the Spinner ® R1 Spin ® Bike


The majority of customers who purchased the Spinner® R1 Spin® Bike found its assembly fairly straight forward. This was largely due to the fact that the R1 comes partly assembled on delivery. 

Typically it took less then 30 minutes to assemble. However, it is important to note it can be awkward transporting the bike in its boxed form. Therefore, it is advisable to get a friend to help transport the boxed bike. Especially, if you are planning on assembling it upstairs. 


Customers who purchased the Spinner® R1 Spin® Bike where impressed with the overall sturdiness and stability of the bike. 

The Spinner® R1 Spin® Bike offers exceptional stability during intense workouts. The bikes 4 base stabalisers hold the bike rock steady, even when placed on uneven surfaces.

Additionally customers where impressed with how much added stability they experienced using the bikes built in to cages. Some even went as far as saying, it provided a superior riding experience to premium indoor cycling bikes they had used in the past. 

What customers don't love about the Spinner ® R1 Spin ® Bike

Electronic Display Unit

Some customers where unhappy that the Spinner® R1 Spin® Bike did not feature an electronic display unit. Which is a common feature found in many indoor cycling bikes. For that reason many customers found it difficult to track their workout activity and progress. 

If this is off putting. The XS Sports indoor cycling bike may be more suitable for you. 

Conclusion & Our Rating

Ultimately we believe the Spinner® R1 Spin® Bike to be an excellent indoor cycle otion. However, it may not be suitable for those who require an electronic display unit to track performance metrics. In which case, we recommend reading our list of the best indoor cycling bikes in the UK .  

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