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How To Use An Exercise Bike Effectively

how to use an exercise bike correctly

If you own an exercise bike, or are thinking of getting one, then this article will help show you how to use it to great effect.

Unfortunately many people buy one of these, and then find that it can cause them problems. They can also find out that they are not getting the benefits, that they thought riding an exercise bike would actually bring them.

Hopefully, by the time that you finish this article, you will know the importance of setting your bike up properly, and then what you should actually do, once you start to use it.

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Benefits of Using an Exercise Bike

You may already know this, so apologies if we rattle on for a few moments. These bikes are ideal if you are someone who wants to have a good workout in the privacy of your own home. Later in this article we offer some advice on using exercise bikes at the gym. However this article is mainly aimed at those using a bicycle for exercise at home.

Generally speaking, these bikes are good for the legs, bottom and for a good cardio workout. They also help strengthen your back and arms, and can really help with burning fat, burning calories and as such losing weight.

So clearly there are plenty of benefits to be had. However that is only possible if the exercise bike is used properly.

Potential Problems of Using the Bike Incorrectly

It is all too easy to quickly set up your bike and get started. If you have splashed some cash and the bike arrives, there is a natural tendency to want to get started as quickly as possible. However that can come with its own problems.

If not set up to suit your body, it is very easy to cause or agitate knee and ankle problems. If like me you are older, it is all too easy to give yourself a lorry load of aches and pains. That you will not want to do, so setting up your bike may take a little time, but worth every second to do it right.

Now there are different types of exercise bike on the market. However almost all of them will have 2-3 basic adjustments. The reason those are there is to make sure that when you exercise, it is comfortable for you. That usually takes a little tweaking.

Adjusting the Seat - this is the most important thing that you can do. The seat should be set up so as the legs are always slightly bent when pushing the pedals. Never ever have the seat in a position where the legs are fully stretched out. Likewise never have the seat so low that your legs are fully bent.

Adjusting the Handlebars - Not every bike will have the option of adjustable handlebars. If your bike does have this option, then set the handlebars, when in the seated position, so as the arms are fully extended, without over reaching.

That will stop and risk of lower back ache.

So in summary, at the lowest point the legs should be stretched, but with a little bend at the knees. That will prevent any unnecessary strain on the hips, thighs and knees. The arms should be fully extended when gripping the handlebars.

As I mentioned it may take a few tweaks to get this perfect for your body shape. It is worth the effort though. Don't forget that after periods of use, it may be worth checking these again, in case they have moved slightly. The video below is a great beginner's guide. It shows how to achieve weight loss, when beginning to use an exercise bike.

Posture, Posture and Posture

I have actually seen people hopping on to their bike wearing their slippers and then being in the most awkward shape ever, when exercising. You should always ride a bike with your back as straight as possible. You should of course wear some form of training shoes, or sneakers to give you plenty of grip.

You should never hunch over when grabbing the handlebars either. Think straight back at all times and you will not go too far wrong.

How to Properly Use a Gym Cycle?

If you have used an exercise bike at the gym, then hopefully someone has helped you out with which one suits you best. Always remember, that the bike should always be just a part of your overall fitness program.

Because these are so effective, and relatively easy to use, it is all too easy to spend more time that you really need to cycling. Bikes like these will help strengthen the legs, work up a sweat, burn calories and fat, and also help your cardio style workouts.

My advice is not to overdo it though. You want to try and avoid muscle bound legs, which can actually slow you down in certain sports. The video below shows you how to get the most out of your exercise bike.

Make Use of the Pre-Programs

Lots of exercise bikes these days, come with a series of pre-set programs. These have actually been thought out by experts, and we should all make use of them. They help give you a plan and give you some structure to your riding exploits.

This is a more structured method of giving your body a proper workout. They are certainly better, than just hopping on a bike, and pedaling at random for 5-10 minutes.

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