York Fitness Active 110 Exercise Cycle Review 

Updated April 2022

The beautifully designed York Fitness Active 110 Exercise Cycle is the entry level upright cycle in the York Fitness indoor cycling range. Setting the York Fitness Active 110 apart from the basic Active 100 model is a fully adjustable saddle, a 5.75-inch LCD display console, 4 pre-set workout modes and new ergonomically designed pulse sensor handlebars.

Like other York Fitness models, the Active 110 uses a magnetic resistance system that creates the feel of a real road bike while helping the bike keep a lot quieter than other indoor bikes. This review will discuss these features in greater detail as well as what buyers experienced.

York Fitness Active 110 Detailed Review 

York Fitness Active 110 Key Features

5.75-Inch LCD Display

The York Fitness Active 110 features a large aesthetically pleasing 5.75-inch LCD screen and training computer. This screen displays all of the rider’s performance metrics in a simple easy to understand format. This includes Cycling Speed (RPM), Distance Travelled, Time, Calories Burned and Pulse Rate. Providing invaluable feedback to the rider.

Additionally, the York Fitness Active 110’s training computer has several useful workout modes, including 4 pre-set programmes (1 manual & 3 targeted). Additionally, riders can test their fitness levels using the bikes recovery tracker.

Hand Pulse Sensors

To take advantage of heart rate targeted training programmes the York Fitness Active 110 comes with two hand pulse sensors. These sensors are conveniently located in each handlebar and accurately tracks the riders heart rate. This allows riders to stay motivated, assess workout intensity and measure post workout performance.

4 Kg Flywheel & 8 Levels of Magnetic Resistance

The York Fitness Active 110 features a one crank system and 4 Kg flywheel. The bikes Resistance is magnetically generated and offer 8 levels of variable resistance. This allows riders to vary the difficulty of their workouts and progress at their own pace.

Magnetic exercise bikes provide a smooth riding experience similar to riding an outdoor bike. However, thanks to lack of rubbing mechanical components magnetic bikes run very quietly. Therefore, you can cycle at any time without disturbing your neighbours or other members of your home.

Adjustable Padded Saddle

To maximise riding comfort the York Fitness Active 110 has been fitted with a new extra large padded saddle. This saddle offers excellent support and can be calibrated vertically and horizontally to create a tailored riding position.

Compact Frame & Transport Wheels

The York Fitness Active 110 is incredibly easy to store away with a compact 53 cm x 111 cm x 123 cm frame. Additionally, the bike weighs less than 30 Kg and can be easily manoeuvred around your home using its built in transport wheels.

Battery Powered

A major advantage of the York Fitness Active 110 is that unlike many upright exercise bikes it is not mains power operated. Instead it's computer console in battery power. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about tripping over wires or placing the bike beside a power outlet. The York Fitness Active 110 works perfectly anywhere in your home.

Water Bottle Holder

To allow for easy access to fluids during hard training sessions the York Fitness Active 110 comes fitted with a useful water bottle holder. This holder is conveniently located under the bike's handlebars making it easy to grab your water bottle without ruining the rhythm of your workout.

What customers loved about the York Fitness Active 110

Value For Money 

The York Fitness Active 110 is one of the best quality upright exercise bikes available in the sub £200 price bracket. Therefore, it came as no surprise buyers were delighted with the quality of the bike for the price they paid.

Buyers said the frame of the bike is solidly made and holds you steady when you’re riding in and out of the saddle and transitioning in between. Making it easy to get on with your cycling without worrying about any wobbling or shaking.
Please note, that although customers were pleased with what they paid for the York Fitness Active 110, prices can vary depending on demand and any available discounts.


Many customers agreed the York Fitness Active 110 was a pleasure to ride. Unlike many exercise bikes, the saddle of this bike provided ample support and allowed riders to comfortably cycle for hours with no discomfort.

Easy Assembly

Assembly is often the part buyers find most difficult, due to the weight of the bike, moving the package to where you want to assemble it. However, for the most part, customers found the assembly process of the York Fitness Active 110 to be straight forward.

The bike comes partly assembled for shipping, the tools required for the job are included. The assembly instructions are basic but sufficient to complete what is a straightforward job. Typically, the process took buyer no longer than 30 minutes. 

What customers don't love about the York Fitness Active 110

Limited Programs 

The York Fitness Active 110 comes with 4 pre-set workout programmes which were sufficient for many users. However, there were a few customers that express that they wished they had purchased an exercise bike with a greater selection of workout programmes. If this is off-putting we recommend checking out the JTX-Cyclo 5 or DKN AM-E which both come packed with pre-set workout programmes. 

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