York Fitness Perform 210 Exercise Bike Review 

Updated April 2022

York Fitness has been a market leader in cutting edge fitness equipment for over eight decades. Therefore, it should come as no surprise the companies new premium upright exercise bike model has been featured in our top upright exercise bike selections.

The beautifully designed York Fitness Perform 210 comes fitted with a large 5.5-inch LCD display, 19 Pre-set workout programmes and offers 32 levels of adjustable electromagnetic resistance.

This review will expand up these features, as well as provide a clear representation of what buyers though where the products key pros and cons. 

York Fitness Perform 210 Detailed Review

York Fitness Perform 210 Key Features

5.5-Inch LCD Display

The York Fitness Perform 210 incorporates a visually appealing 5.5-inch backlit display console. This console is mains power operated and provides high-quality colour resolution highlighting all key performance metrics. This includes riding Speed, Distance Covered, Calories Burned, Time, Calories Burned, Pulse and Watts. These performance metrics help keep riders motivated and provide a reliable means of assessing post workout performance.

Please note that the York Fitness Perform 210 being electronic features are mains power operated. Therefore, the bike must be located close to a power outlet. If this does not appeal to you we recommend checking out the JTX Cyclo 5 which incorporates a self-power generation option. 

19 Pre-Set Programmes

The York Fitness Perform 210’s console can be used to select one of the bikes 19 pre-set workout programmes. This includes one manual setting and 4 Heart Rate Control (HRC) programmes. Perfect for riders who get bored easily and like to vary their workout routine. Additionally, the bike Heart Rate Control programmes are perfect for replicating more advanced HIIT and Fartlek training routines.

32 Levels of Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

Many indoor cycling bikes use frictional resistance to make the workout more difficult. This often produces a lot of noise and wear and tear of components. However, the York Fitness Perform 210’s 7 Kg flywheel is slowed using electromagnetic resistance. This offers a wide range of resistance while minimising noise output.

Additionally, thanks to a reduction in rubbing components magnetic resistance upright exercise bikes tend to require less maintenance over time.

Pulse Sensor Handlebars

For many indoor cyclists maintaining a specifically targeted heart rate is vital to their progress. The York Fitness Perform 210 allows riders to do just that with its pulse sensor handlebars. These handlebars allow riders to accurately track their heart rate while cycling and assess post workout recovery. 

Adjustable Seat & Handlebars

To maximise comfort and create a tailor fit riding position the York Fitness Perform 210 comes fitted with a fully adjustable seat and handlebars. The bikes padded seat can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. The bike's handlebars, on the other hand, offer a wide range of vertical adjustability.

Pedal Straps

The York Fitness Perform 210 features self-levelling pedals with built in straps. These straps help secure the rider's feet while cycling allowing for a smoother more stable riding experience. 

Water Bottle Holder

To allow for access to fluids without ruining your workout experience the York Fitness Perform 210 incorporates a water bottle holder. This holder is conveniently located below the bike's handlebars providing easy access with your water bottle while cycling. 

What customers loved about the York Fitness Perform 210

Workout Variations

Many customers who found training at home to be tedious, were pleased with the variety of workout programmes available on the York Fitness Perform 210’s training computer. This made changing up their daily routine easy while still challenging. The bikes most popular training programmes included the Body Fat Programme and Heart Rate Control Programme.

For best training results, we recommend aligning your training programmes with your own individual fitness objectives.

Riding Stability

The majority of customers agreed the York Fitness Perform 210’s sturdy frame provided a superior riding experience than more basic exercise models. No matter how had customers cycled the bike remained steady and the bikes foot straps provided a sense of extra security.


Customers loved how quietly the York Fitness Perform 210’s flywheel rotated. This is thanks to the bike unique magnetic resistance system. Providing a smooth quiet riding experience even when resistance levels are calibrated to their maximum parameters.

Simple Assembly

Customers found the York Fitness Perform 210’s assembly process to be pretty self-explanatory. The bike comes party assembled when it is delivered and includes easy to follow assembly instructions. Typically, it took users no longer than 30 minutes to complete the bikes assembly process.

What customers don't love about the York Fitness Perform 210


A few customers were unhappy with the comfort of the York Fitness Perform 210’s seat. However, a few helpful commenters suggested this issue could be easily remedied using a gel seat cover. These seat covers are readily available online at Amazon as well as local supermarket chains such as Tesco. 

Conclusion & Rating

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